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C2K Solutions works closely with you and with the top vendors to build you servers or workstations that are tailored to your needs and budget.


So many business are asking the question "Why do I need a server?". We can give you lots and reasons why but the best answer is that it will help your business grow and increase productivity!

With C2K Solutions you will get the best offerings from our Premier partners Intel and HP to ensure your servers stay running.


Why replace your workstation?
There are several advantages to replacing your existing workstations with newer, improved technologies. Businesses that set regular "refresh cycle" schedules for PC hardware can save money on support and break/fix costs, while promoting platform stability by standardizing PC hardware and software deployments to introduce new technology companywide. Replacing hardware every few years will reduce your overall support and repair costs. By planning technology refresh cycles every three to five years, businesses obtain a lower total cost of ownership for their technology tools.

In today's business environment, efficiency is important. Managers and employees need their computers to keep step increased workloads; replacing outdated computer hardware will improve system responsiveness, decrease downtime and can increase employee productivity.

Why Intel?

Intel® servers and workstations offer excellent computing performance as well as dependability. Their servers are highly compatible with many systems and provide some of the most advanced architecture there is for the multi-faceted business environment. Multiply your productivity and possibilities with a C2K Solutions server based on the new Intel® Xeon® processor. Quad-core servers and the latest i-series workstations help employees share information quickly and simultaneously. And, you can rely on an Intel®-based system to help protect data and keep business running smoothly. Smarter servers. Better business. Better life.

Why HP?

HP® servers offer more performance with muti processor systems that meet the higher and higher performance demands that business require. These servers give you the best of performance along with some of the best warranties and service options that will ensure your business has the highest level of performance all the time. HP has a full line of business tools from printers, laptops, tablets and imaging solutions that will keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

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Keywords: Hardware, Workstations

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During a Security Analysis, our technicians closely examine the pre-existing security procedures on a customer network, and work to understand the customer's future requirements. This report not only lists current problems, but also includes a customized security solution for any problems discovered during the analysis. We work with our customers to probe for security weaknesses, outdated antivirus software, and un-patched software products.


Small Business

Stay better connected with your customers!With quick access to centralized customer records, multiple employees have access to the same information anytime. The server also has automatic backup functionality, which means that even if something happens to the server, your information is safe.A server can. Sharing printers and other equipment saves on infrastructure and maintenance costs while simplifying your life.



Offering a full suite of tools, including intrusion prevention, gateway anti-virus, and anti-spyware plus Application Intelligence and Control, offer granular control through application blocking, bandwidth management and more.



C2K Solutions' network design team can build specialized communication and collaboration systems for your staff, seamlessly integrating computers, handheld devices, and smart phones. Document approval and task handling systems let managers keep in touch with their staff in and out of the office, while allowing staff to collaborate on projects.



This robust small business backup solution provides integrated duplication, granular restore features, open file protection, disaster recovery and backup protection for Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint Services, SQL and Windows workstations.



C2K Solutions uses proven technologies from Symantec, which provides the world with a range of revolutionary information security products created to help manage IT. Products We build our business services and solutions using advanced technologies from proven manufacturers including Microsoft®, Intel®, HP, and Symantec.



To help small businesses solve these challenges, Microsoft built upon its success with Microsoft® Windows® Small Business Server 2008 to develop the next generation of solutions for small business, Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials and Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard.