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By: Creastra  09-12-2011

Every year, more and more Canadians turn to the Internet to research and purchase products and services, but only 7% of Canadian Small Businesses sell online. Getting ahead of the pack by selling online is easier, more cost-effective, and more important than ever before for Canadian small businesses -- and Creastra can help you do it.

We build online shopping websites that are eye-catching, easy-to-use, and easily scalable for small businesses of all sizes. It doesn't matter if you're an artisan selling jewelry out of your living room, or a company that sells hundreds of items -- we can help you get online quickly, easily, and for less than you would think.

Because Every Client (and Company) is Different

We develop E-Commerce website using five of the top online shopping cart systems available, including:

  1. ZenCart
  2. Magento
  3. osCommerce
  4. PrestaShop
  5. VirtueMart (for Joomla)

We can help you decide which shopping cart is best for you and your company, create a unique design that will showcase your products or services, and teach you how to use it to your best advantage.


A well designed e-commerce website should be easy for both the user and administrator to use, so our full service E-Commerce website solutions include a large variety of options for both you and your online customers.

Shop Owner Features

Some of the features your e-commerce website can offer you, the shop owner include: 

  • password protected administration area for security
  • easy to use "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) page creation/editing areas
  • ability to create comprehensive product detail pages, image slideshows and insert video with ease
  • unlimited number of product categories
  • unlimited number of products
  • ability to cross-list products using keyword tags
  • ability to sell virtual items through a secure pay download area
  • ability to offer special discounts based on product pairings, volume, time of year and more.
  • flexible shipping and handling options
  • flexible tax rules so you can sell to anyone without any hassle
  • easy integration between your website and payment companies
  • simple and easy invoice creation, editing and delivery options
  • flexible shipping and handling options
  • ability to hide/show items, packages, and deals easily
  • integrated customer information databases
  • real-time access to customer transaction and order information
  • auto-generated detailed Analytics and Reports
  • multiple payment integration options

Customer Features

Some of the features your full service e-commerce website can offer your customers include:

  • quick search capability on every web page
  • detailed product images and product slideshows
  • product videos and demonstrations
  • "You May Also Like" product suggestions on product pages
  • social customer generated product reviews and ratings
  • ability to browse products by category and/or keyword tag
  • loyalty programs, discounts, and Mobile (QR) code deals
  • multiple secure payment options (Credit Card, Bank Transfer, SMS Payment etc.)
  • Express Checkout options
  • Multi-Currency Options
  • and much more ..

What If I don't need a full service E-Commerce site?

Artisans, crafters and other micro business owners may not need a full E-Commerce website, it's true. Creastra can still help you sell your product online with simple micro-business E-Commerce solutions like:

  • integrating buying options into your current website
  • optimizing product pages to build visibility online
  • helping you research and set up an online store with 3rd party selling website
  • integrating 3rd party selling websites with your own

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