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Out of the office June 21 thru July 2, if you send loggers for calibration they will be returned week of July 4.

SSA Approved Category Two Calibration Laboratory Offering 1 Day Turn Since 2004

Barographs must be calibrated within the preceding year, Electronic Flight Recorders must be calibrated within the preceding 2 years.  If a badge leg is claimed with either type of recorder
out of calibration you have one month to get it calibrated and submit the data.
Calibration for All Electronic FAI Flight Recorders including ClearNav, GPS NAV, CAI 302, Colibri, NANO, EW, ClearNav,  All Others.

I can provide calibration for Mechanical Pressure Barographs but I recommend you send to Joe Trinkwalter, Replogle Barograph  716-692-4326 (They are old and many require adjustment to reduce the errors). 

$60 + Shipping
Replace Battery & reset Electronic Security Seals on  CAI, LX Navigation, Colibri, & Volkslogger Recorders.

Loss of the electronic seal is generally due to a low internal battery.  Please save your flights as a reseal includes a memory clear.

$40 + Shipping

I provide 1 day turn around.  If I receive your recorder on Monday I will return ship on Tuesday.

Please Include:

Include a check for $60 + shipping amount (I will return  the same  method you shipped to Craggy Aero)

If you need both a Calibration and a battery replacement and electronic seal reset include a check for $100 + shipping

The most economical  way to ship is FEDEX, package your recorder and take to a Kinko's FEDEX for dropoff.
If you go to a UPS Store to have your recorder packaged  the cost will amaze you (they make a profit in addition to UPS shipping fee).
If you package your recorder and go to a real UPS shipping center or just drop off at a UPS Store  the cost will be reasonable.
US Priority Mail is also a reasonably priced way to ship, usually 2 day service.    Please insure your recorder. 



Phone number

Recorder Model and SN

insured value

Please insure your flight recorder & ship to:

Craggy Aero
3901 River Court
Hornbrook, CA 96044
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Keywords: Battery, calibration, shipping