By: Crafted Smalltalk  09-12-2011

The watch expression editor, which appears below, has three sections. The top section is used to edit the probe's conditional expression. The bottom section is used to edit the watch expression, and the section on the right side is used to manage the watch window.

The expression shown in the expression editor produces a listing of the message stack. This listing is shown in the watch window at the bottom. In the code you will notice a variable, DOITCONTEXT. This variable is the context of the method that contains the probe. It is passed to the probe as an argument.

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Smalltalk Test Kritic Version 1.5

The numbers beside the method protocols are the percentage of the code that has been exercised in the corresponding protocol. It provides the VisualWorks developer with an assessment as to how well his tests have exercised the code under test. The Smalltalk Test Kritic can be installed in any system that has the Smalltalk Professional Debug Package installed. This informs the developer of the test coverage of each block in a method.


Smalltalk Professional Debug Package Version 2.5

Select home context - searches the send stack and selects the home context of the selected block context. Next iteration - continues execution in debugger until breakpoint occurs or context returns. Improved button bar - uses icons, additional commands, & button help. Can reference method temporaries and object instance variables. Compare field object with clipboard. Paste clipboard object to field.