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By: Covalentworks  09-12-2011

service makes growing your business easier

24 X 7 Web-based EDI service from CovalentWorks performs around the clock to make your job easier. We take care of everything you need in a complete EDI solution for compliance with your customersÂ’ exacting EDI and GS1-128 (formerly known as UCC-128) bar code label requirements.

Your budget, your resources, your timeline, and your company's objectives are the deciding factors in determining which CovalentWorks web-based EDI service will profit you most.

Our web-based EDI services are as affordable as a cell phone. All services are scalable to your specific needs.

MyB2B improves order, shipping, and billing efficiency. Faxed order and paper documents are replaced by easy-to-read, web-based documents.

MyB2B is a web based EDI portal and is accessible from any PC that has an internet connection. No EDI software is required.

B2BWorks - eliminate data entry

B2BWorks integrates your accounting or ERP applications with your customersÂ’ EDI systems and eliminates data entry by your personnel.

Any data format you need is translated into and out of EDI format. No expensive EDI software is required.

EDI VAN service - affordable EDI communication

Pricing is very affordable. No EDI software is required. Communication with our servers is via FTP.

Note that web-based EDI VAN service is included in both MyB2B and B2BWorks.

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We want to make EDI easier for you and save you time. Please make use of our free resources as you consider your EDI needs.