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By: Court Reporter Solutions  09-12-2011
Keywords: exhibits, Automate, Transcript

TPS 2009 is formerly The Professional Court Reporters’ Toolkit v2 — A set of macros and templates based in Microsoft Word to automate all repetitive tasks associated with creating a Court transcript.  Much effort has been poured into further developing the usefulness of this program so that maximum efficiency may be achieved.  Cutting down on keystrokes and time taken to make labourious formatting changes can help reduce repetitive strain injuries and save valuable time and money.

Expedite transcript production with hotkeys such as:

  • Alt-Q and Alt-A which automatically bring you to the next line, tabs over and inserts the Q or A.  No tabs, no margins or hanging indents to fuss with!  TPS 2k9 is even smart enough to add MR. SPEAKER:  where appropriate.
  • Hotkeys to insert standard speakers such as THE COURT and CLERK OF THE COURT (or THE REPORTER where applicable).
  • Additional speakers:  You only type the speakers name ONCE during the setup of your transcript, TPS builds your title page with APPEARENCES section AND populates your speakers’ hotkeys automatically.
  • Quick exhibits.  You enter the Exhibit info into an option dialog box and the entire exhibit is added in proper format directly into the transcript and inserted into the list of exhibits in the table of contents.

Additional information:

All templates are configured and ready to go, no experience necessary!  Should you have a non-standard template layout or are privy to changing government standards, please inform us so that we may update our catalogue of supported template layouts.

Keywords: Automate, exhibits, Transcript

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