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By: Country Lane Pet Resort  09-12-2011


We are excited to have Pam Peterson lead our training programs at Country Lane Pet Resort. Pam Peterson has 30 years experience training, showing and breeding dogs. Pam has competed successfully in obedience, conformation and agility, in AKC, UKC and Canadian shows. Her accomplishments in the show ring include:

  • Owner/trainer/handler of the most titled Akita in Breed History
    • Champion Royal’s the Boogie Man
    • “Boogie” has 6 conformation and 10 obedience titles and is certified as a Therapy dog with TDI
  • Owner/trainer/handler of Best in Show, Japanese Nippo Show, 2008
  • For the past five years, her dogs have been invited to “Eukanuba Tournament of Champions” and Westminster Kennel Club
  • Her dogs have consistently ranked in AKC and UKC top 10 for past twelve years
  • Titled over 100 dogs in conformation, obedience and agility

In addition to her obedience training classes, private training, and continued success in the ring, Pam is also very active with several rescue groups. Her commitment to saving abused and neglected dogs from shelters, as well as assisting in rehabilitation, has resulted in finding homes for over 150 dogs in the past 10 years.

Pam combines her own personal experiences with the most up-to-date training tools and methods to teach proper manners and/or resolve behavioral issues in a fun and easy to understand program.

Pam’s Training Philosophy

Pam’s philosophy of dog training involves the use of motivational tools. Food, toys and verbal praise are used to teach the dog what a command means. Consistent positive reinforcement in the private or group class environment teaches the dog to continue this good behavior and to get your dog to perform the behavior you want. Pam’s goal is to make sure your dog is a well behaved, happy confident member of your family.

Pam works with you and your dog in a comfortable setting. Whether you participate in one of Country Lane Pet Resort’s group obedience classes, private one-on-one training, or popular Travel and Train programs, she’ll teach you the use of positive reinforcement to get your dog to perform the behavior you want and stop any bad habits.

Enrolling in one of our training programs you will learn:

  • positive reinforcement training
  • techniques to better communicate with your dog
  • how to become a fair and gentle leader to your dog
  • proven training techniques that can be applied to every day “real life” situations
  • behavior training and behavior modifications
  • to have fun training your dog
  • how to incorporate the whole family into the joys of training

Remember every dog can be trained, no matter what the age, your dog is never too young or old too learn.

Available Training Programs

Country Lane Pet Resort offers four training opportunities:

1) Individual private training sessions

2) Training while you travel (training while your pet is visiting as our guest)

3) Customized training packages. These packages may or may not require overnight boarding, may involve in-home training, involve multiple training requests, and vary in the number of training sessions deemed necessary.

4) Phone consultation

All of these programs are an investment in your dogs training and they will produce results.

Interested? Give us a call to learn more about our four training options. If we do not offer a training program that is the right fit for you than I’m sure we can give you the right recommendation on who to call and where to go.

What People Are Saying

I have had the pleasure of training my two Weimaraners with Pam Peterson over the last 3 years. What I like about the class is that Pam gives you not only the typical obedience training advice but she also gives you practical information about basically anything you have a question about concerning dog behavior. Due to her broad experience as a trainer, handler and kennel owner Pam’s training includes a lot of information that you typically never get in an obedience class. People leave her class knowing how to continue the training process at home and how to train any breed of dog to coexist with humans so that both dog and owner are happy campers. I can highly recommend Pam as an excellent instructor in obedience, conformation or agility training.

– Pam B.
Anderson Ohio

Dear Randy, Many thanks to you and your staff for taking such wonderful care of Henry while we were out of the country recently. We have had to work hard at keeping him stimulated since we have returned, as you kept him VERY active. We have tried to get him together with Darrell here in the neighborhood most days and that is always a help!  

I wanted to let you know that Pam Peterson has been very helpful to us regarding Henry’s obedience training. The work that she did with Henry at your kennel while we were away was definitely a help in getting him tuned into training. In addition to that we believe that the additional attention and work with Pam helped to keep him engaged (along with all the play sessions with Charlie, and other playmates; and along with the regular brushings from Mary and others!). Since our return from our travels Pam has come to our home and done a wonderful job of instructing us in the art of training Henry. She obviously possesses much knowledge in the handling of animals, and Henry is enormously responsive to her. She was excellant at helping to guide us in effective ways to deal with Henry’s playful (but dangerous!) approach to chasing after cars, deer, other people and other dogs. Bill and I and Henry are making much progress thanks to Pam.

Many thanks for arranging for her work with Henry and us, and for your fine care of our Henry.

– Paula Cordes

Kali and I have participated in a variety of training classes offered at Country Lane Pet Resort. Connie and Donna not only understand dogs, but they are also quite good at figuring out the dog owners to make the class a success for all. After we had a pretty good handle on obedience, I did try another course offered elsewhere. It was not the same quality and it just wasn’t fun. We know stick to training options provided at Country Lane which included private lessons.  

I also enrolled my puppy in a comprehensive Stay-n-Train offered at Country Lane. What Donna was able to achieve with my 3 1/2 year old puppy in two weeks would have taken me a year to acheive on my own. When I returned from my business trip my puppy was a master at basic obedience (sit,stay, loose lead walks, etc.) and was a very happy puppy. Given Kali’s age this was remarkable. I quickly became very motivated to learn more from Donna and have enjoyed every opportunity provided.

I constantly recommend the opportunities at Country Lane Pet Resort. You will find no better boarding and tranining programs available.

– Tracy Phillips

When my husband asked me to go with him on a business/pleasure trip to Asia in December of 2007, I was very concerned about our very active and intelligent Australian Cattle Dog.  

With high recommendations of friends, we contacted Country Lane Pet Resort. They were able to meet all of our needs and more, concerning Daisy and our cat Gucci.

Even though the dogs get lots of outside time in runs, I was worried that Daisy would not have enough mental stimulation and activity for 3 long weeks.

The perfect answer was to hire Donna Gates to do on-site training with Daisy at Country Lane.

Donna worked on problems we were still having with Daisy and also taught her new tricks to keep her mind busy. We saw much improvement upon our return.

At pick up, Donna also took time in the Country Lane training center to explain all of the new behaviors that she taught Daisy, with Daisy happily demonstrating. Donna also provided a written evaluation with follow-up recommendations.

It proved to be a win/win situation for all of us and especially, our busy Miss Daisy.

Thank you Donna, and thank you Country Lane for taking care of our beloved pets.

– Alleen

Dear Randy, This summer, Tuesday evening was our favorite night of the week. We attended the 8 week “Living with your Dog” training course at Country Lane. Our Boykin Spaniel, Carolina is nine months old and needed some help with behavior and commands. Connie French, assited by Rollie and Donna, provided outstanding instructions and we enjoyed every minute! The class size was perfect- four dogs, allowing for almost one on one attention at all times. Connie clearly loves her students, both human and canine, and everyone benefits from her patience and enthusiasm. She has a unique ability to explain how dogs process information and how humans can attain the desired result. Carolina is much improved and we’re more confident in our ability to train her. Connie has made having a puppy to train a joy- and what better recommendation could there be? I won’t spoil the surprise but graduation day is very special. Thank you for providing such a great training experience.  

– David and Karen Thompson

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