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By: Count Time Logistics  09-12-2011
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When Handling LTL Shipments We Go Beyond "Common Carriers" And Do More For You Than "Discount Percentages".

Count Time Logistics works with thousands of independent specialty carriers that will get your freight where you want it, when you want it for a price that makes a BIG difference. We offer money saving solutions everyday with NO shipping minimums. For all of your shipping needs make Count Time Logistics your primary provider.

Our LTL pricing is the most competitive in our industry and we are constantly negotiating our pricing to bring you the best rates!Count Time Logistics offer less than truckload services from one pallet to 10,000 lbs via our reliable network of regional and long-haul LTL carriers in the United States, Canada and Mexico. We work with customers to find the best LTL solution to match their requirements. Don't be fooled by the discount game! A 70% discount with one LTL carrier might cost you more than a 50% discount with another carrier. Not all carriers are the same, as evidenced by their service and price. We can help you sort through the discounts, classes, interlining and billing maze that many times make LTL shipments frustrating and costly. Let Count Time Logistics be your single source LTL provider and save both time and money.

LTL Volume

1-3 Skids

“.Pricing varies daily.”

3-5 Skids

“.Pricing varies daily.”

True Volume Pricing

10 - 28 Linear Feet

.Pricing varies daily.

.Pricing varies daily.

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volume shipping

Innovative freight quote practices such as these are a prime demonstration of how Count Time Logistics constantly comes up with innovative shipping methods and utilizes iron-clad agreements with backhaulers combining partial loads to maximize space and combine efficiencies on your larger shipments to provide you with drastically discounted prices.


expedite shipping

Add Count Time Logistics Platinum Service Guarantee and if your shipment isn't on time. Flexible schedules, utilizing thousands of flights daily. Pickup and delivery, for door-to-door shipment control. Count Time Expedite Services Center.


pallet rates

CTL Pallet Program is a unique LTL pricing program that provides exceptional value to Count Time Logistics customers. Pallet rates to and from direct zips throughout the United States as well as top markets in Canada. Attractive short haul and long haul pallet rates.



We are a provider that gives you an alternative to high cost, low quality shipping from other freight companies, and brings you excellence with low shipping cost, and high quality in shipping freight in as little as a 5 minute phone call. Due to highly competitive discounted prices we are able to give you from our huge list of freight shipping carriers we can always offer you what you want, reduced shipping costs.


truckload rates

Our motor carrier database is over 20,000 strong and because of our proprietary transportation management system, finding and securing a qualified carrier for our customer loads is up to 40% faster, even on same day shipments. As we help carriers keep their trucks moving, we simultaneously help you obtain the best truck for your shipment, at the most cost-effective price. Count Time Logistics excels in managing full truckload shipments.



Our service here at Count Time Logistics constantly strive to offer you discounted freight quotes for all commercial and residential shipments as well as truckload, overweight, flatbed, small package, and international shipments.