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By: Cotten Creek Construction  09-12-2011
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Insulated Concrete Forms:

The construction industry is currently facing a major revolution with the introduction of insulated concrete forms (ICFs). ICF is an innovative exterior wall building material that is rapidly replacing traditional "stick-frame" residential houses and commercial construction worldwide.

An insulated concrete form design is simply a hollow, lightweight, "stay in place" form manufactured using Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and polypropylene webs. During construction, the foundation forms are first stacked together into the desired shape then filled with concrete in order to make stable, durable, and sustainable concrete walls. One of the key benefits of using insulated concrete forms is that they offer a "5 in 1" solution that provides structure, insulation, vapour barrier, sound barrier and attachments for drywall and exterior siding in one easy step.

Weathershield Insulation

- Weathershield™ is a fibrous loose-fill thermal/acoustical type of insulation made from selected recycled paper stock blended with appropriate additives to provide resistance to fire, fungi, corrosion and pests. Weathershield™ is designed to be pneumatically placed using a blowing machine and delivery hose, Weathershield™ can also be spray-applied or even hand-poured in certain applications. Machine application is best, ensuring the product is properly conditioned and placed in the most efficient and economical manner. Weathershield™ provides both high R-Value and resistance to airleakage. As a loose-fill, Weathershield™ is ideal for horizontal or moderately sloped attic spaces up to 4½:12 in pitch. This product is also pneumatically dry-injected to fill enclosed spaces such as the cavities of flat or sloped ceilings, vertical walls and floors. Weathershield™ is used in both new construction and retrofit applications. Weathershield™ displays Environment Canada's "EcoLogo" (Environmental Choice Program), classifying it as an "environmentally friendly" or "green" building product.

Concrete Finishing


Michael is Nait trained in all types of concrete finishing. He maintains his certification and is up to date with what is going on in the concrete industry.

Waste Water Contractor - We are members of the Alberta Onsite Wastewater Management Association. We are certified to design and install private wastewater systems.

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