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By: Cost Less Vitamin  09-12-2011

These natural products are created using the age old Indian methods of creating herbal remedies. These products are designed to help or combat a variety of conditions. The Ayurvedic Herbs products are formulated in line with the Indian principles of Ayurveda or the Science of life. The products help to treat different conditions, but the method of the treatment and the ingredients used in the treatment are dependent on which element is the cause of the problem. The elements are Vata (air), Kapha (water) and Pitta (fire) and each of them can cause different types of ailments. They can also cause different symptoms within the same disease or ailment depending on which of the elements has been unbalanced. The diseases are believed to be caused by unbalancing one of the elements. The balancing of the elements using different herbs ands natural plants is the key to returning the body to a healthy state. There are Ayurvedic Herbs products that help to rectify ailments like skin conditions such as acne by using a variety of herbs and plants, while other products contain a single herb that can perform a wide variety of functions such as Ajowan (Carum couticum).

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