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By: Coss Systems  09-12-2011
Keywords: manufacturing software, Erp Solution, Job Shop Software

The COSSERP job shop software currently assists several Aerospace job shops control their job costing, tracking, and product scheduling. COSSERP links all your business processes together to ensure suppliers, customers, engineers and production workers share information and make decisions together. Lot and Serial controls are in place to guide and track quality testing, provide product traceability, and complete inventory control. COSS’ aerospace manufacturing software ensures accountability for each and every product manufactured. The success and growth of COSS Systems is due in large part to its manufacturing software enhancements being so well suited to the complex needs of Aerospace manufacturers. Tested and refined in the field with many firms, the value of COSS ERP/MRP software has been proven many times over.

Unlike many of our competitors COSS’ ERP services employs a ground up approach to its development. Our staff works on the shop floor all the way up to the boardrooms to understand the specific needs of our customers. We are constantly adjusting the features to adhere to the stringent changes imposed by Boeing, Lockhead Martin and many more. For years, COSS’ ERP solution has been used as an aerospace manufacturing software, having had many NADCAP certified clients that will credit the software for their success in achieving this certification.

Keywords: Erp Solution, Job Shop Software, manufacturing software

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With an over 90% call answer ratio, our team is there when you need them… And if you require special after hours support during year ends, inventory counts or during upgrades, the COSS team is always on call for you. The support team fields calls regarding the operation of the manufacturing software, changes that need to be made or any technical issues that may arise.


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Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics, COSS provides a full ERP solution, while allowing you to capitalize on a wealth of manufacturing expertise in a product that is constantly updated, improving and incorporating best practices from hundreds of manufacturing clients.


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Unlike many manufacturer software vendors, who prefer to remain anonymous or unavailable after the implementation is completed, COSS offers support services for our ERP software using live, well-trained software experts. Selecting new manufacturing management software can be one of the most important decisions a company will undertake in its growth cycle.