CORWIL | Environmental & Electrical Test

By: Corwil  09-12-2011
Keywords: Card Design, Wafer, Interface Card

Environmental Test

  • Full Mil-Std-883
  • Method 5004/5005 testing (Class B and Class S)

Software Development

Custom test software development is available for CORWIL's digital test systems. We will work with consigned test systems and benchbox test setups as well.

Probecard & Interface Card Design & Fabrication

CORWIL can design and procure custom probe cards for wafer probing your IC wafers. CORWIL's wafer probe systems use standard rectangular probe cards and cantilever probes.

Wafer Electrical Probe

CORWIL uses an automated wafer stepper/prober that can interface to a variety of probe card configurations and test platforms. The available test platforms can be either CORWIL's in-house test system or customer-supplied test systems.

Final Test

CORWIL is capable of performing final-part test for a variety of IC packages, including custom modules. As with wafer probe, the available test platforms can be CORWIL's in-house test system or customer-supplied.

CORWIL is QML listed and ITAR registered for Environmental Screening!

Full Mil-Std-883, Method 5004/5005 Testing (Class B and Class S)

All tests are performed in DSCC and ISO9001:2000 Certified Facilities in accordance with Military Standards.

The following are some of the more common tests:

  • Particle Impact Noise Detection Testing (PIND) Method 2020, Condition A & B
  • Stabilization Bake Method 1008, Conditions A - D
  • Temperature Cycling Method 1010, Conditions A - C
  • Centrifuge/Constant Acceleration Method 2001, Conditions A - E
  • Fine & Gross Leak Testing Method 1014, Conditions A1 & C1
  • Bond Strength (destructive) Method 2011
  • Non Destructive Bond Pull Method 2023
  • Die Shear Strength Method 2019
  • Substrate Attach Strength (stud pull) Method 2027
  • Burn-In Method 1015, Conditions A - E
  • Lid Torque (glass frit seal) Method 2024
  • Thermal Shock Method 1011, Conditions A - C
  • Mechanical Shock Method 2002, Conditions A - G
  • Salt Atmosphere Method 1009, Conditions A - D
  • Solderability Method 2003
  • Moisture Resistance Method 1004
  • Lead Integrity Method 2004, Conditions B1, B2 & D
  • Resistance to Solvents Method 2015

Keywords: Card Design, Interface Card, Wafer

Other products and services from Corwil


CORWIL | Engineering

For next generation product development and one-of-a-kind devices, including devices with rerouted circuitry surgically done by Focused Ion Beam or a Re-Distribution Layer of metal, customers trust CORWIL. The engineering staff consists of industry veterans with an average of 20 years experience in semiconductor assembly and test, including high volume manufacturing with IDM's and Asian subcontractors.


CORWIL | MIL / Aerospace

Whether you need to place commercial die in a hermetic package or perform additional screening to an existing plastic, we can help you meet your requirements. CORWIL offers a host of solutions to fill the need for cutting edge technology in hermetic packages. CORWIL provides a wide range of ceramic packages that are suitable for Military and Aerospace use. CORWIL's management has over 100 years of service in the Military/Aerospace industry.


CORWIL | Wafer Thinning & Dicing

CORWIL processes tens of millions of dice per month and is the leading provider of wafer sawing and die visual inspection services for the leading heart pacemaker, RFID, hearing aid and defibrillator manufacturers. CORWIL routinely handles bumped wafers of wide-ranging bump heights and pitches and stocks a diverse assortment of front side tapes to provide the best protection for your wafers during processing.


CORWIL | SIP & MCM Modules

SIPs (System in Package) and MCMs are substrates containing multiple interconnected components (SMT components, Flip Chips, WLCSP, and/or wirebonded ICs) whose body outline and leads or ball array conform to conventional IC package, such as a JEDEC registered BGA. RF Modules are SIPs or MCMs that require special substrate design, materials, and soldering in order to achieve the high frequency and performance desired.


CORWIL | Services

CORWIL has established itself as the leading IC assembly subcontractor in the U.S. for quick-turn prototypes, small and medium size production lots, as well as full production volumes for high-reliability and mil-spec devices. CORWIL has the experience to meet your most demanding challenges in Flip Chip assembly, aluminum and gold wire bonding, custom encapsulation and plastic molding, wafer probe, and wafer thinning, polishing and dicing.


CORWIL | IC Assembly

Our flexibility in meeting customer requirements and our superior customer service separate us from all other assembly subcontractors worldwide. CORWIL can assemble devices into Open Cavity plastic packages in prototype quantities in as quickly as 8 hours from receipt of the packages. CORWIL assembles ICs in prototype and production volumes to help you qualify your designs and provide quality samples to your customers.