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By: Corpsman  09-12-2011
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42.2 Million folks will be taking to the roads, skies, or tracks this week to get home to Mom’s home cooking.  It’s a sure sign that the holidays have started. You never know what the weather will be like on any Thanksgiving weekend.  In 2004, we got caught in a freak blizzard on our way [..]

Greetings everyone. Brrr… Winter is almost here. Just wanted to let you know that now has a presence  on Google +.  You can follow us here: Google + . Join us. If your wondering what Google + is, picture Facebook without all the Junk, no noise.  Just good gouge. Hope to see you there! D/C [..]

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I come to work in a good mood, then Doc Pardue alerts me to these Hero’s who were lost in Afghanistan to an IED. I’m so damn mad, really mad and sad. It s with a heavy heart that alerts fellow Doc’s we have lost 2 Doc’s.  One an Officer, LT.COL Cabrera, a medical [..]

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We have updated the information for 68Whiskey’s on our site. Goto:  to view the information. Thanks go to “SB TUCKER” who provided it to us.  He serves as a 68W.   Tweet

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Greetings Mates! Just wanted to touch on a few things. I spoke with Chief Indy about getting the site ( back up.  It essentially became his baby about a year ago. Since then a few things have happened. – I switched servers which fubarred everything up. – Indy moved from Great Lakes to San Antonio [..]

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This is ported over from our Forums at with permission of the Author, “HN(FMF) – DOC RAH” otherwise known as SpYkeCod.  Thanks Doc!     It’s been over 1 year since I posted this thread and a lot has happened in that year. I’m back from my deployment. Unfortunately I was unable to put [..]

Keywords: Home Cooking