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By: Cornwall Crossfit  09-12-2011
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Lifestyle… “Tyler, I need to freeze my membership. The Christmas season is too much for me to handle.” “Tyler, I’m strapped for cash due to Christmas, I need to not workout for a month”. “Tyler, I know you say ‘easy on the cardio’ but I just can’t seem to get results. Don’t I need to [..]

Quadzilla!! Ladies (and men) give this a read and let me know. It’s all about body image and how ridiculous the world can be at times. More importantly, read the post by ‘Jamie’ after the article.  Any gal who thinks her strong legs or muscles of any kind are not attractive – THINK AGAIN!

THE AFTERMATH OF OUR 5 WEEK CROSSFIT WAVE… First off. My own results from the wave. I started the wave with full force, doing each and every cashout or ‘wod’ each day. After about 2 weeks I started to breakdown and had to reduce my cashouts to 2-3 a week with weightlifting and more specifically [..]

Foundations article and testimonials A NEW BEGINNING It`s time to stop talking the talk and walk the walk.  Caveman Strong is offering another Foundation program for beginners starting Wednesday November 16th, 2011.  This program is designed to make you stronger and move more efficiently in 4 weeks over 12 sessions. It is the perfect program [..]

THURSDAY Skill of the Month: SQUAT WARM UP: 3 rounds 5 Inch worms=> 2 Front rolls=>5 Squats=>  2 Vertical jumps Skill Focus: Walking lunges W.O.D. 5-7 rounds 5 Med Ball cleans 7 Jump squats 9 Mountain climbers /Side

Paleo Challenge Finish. This Saturday anytime between 830-12. Come in and perform the workout and get your numbers done (if you choose). Others who did not particapte the gym is still open to you (of course!) and you are welcome to do the baseline wod. Did you push the ‘SCREW IT’ button two days in? [..]

CrossFit examined. The other day one of you asked me this. “Tyler, these cashouts have been great! The cardio is so important. It’s so important that we have a balance. Don’t you agree?” Yes and No. No. First of all, the workouts have NOT changed. We have always (past year and then some) used a [..]

Stepping it up. I have a confession to make. I told a few of you about the 5 week CrossFit wave coming this Monday. The funny thing is we already do CrossFit everyday at Caveman Strong. EVERYDAY. We are in fact still and always will be a CrossFit affiliate. I will let you all know [..]

Can’t we all just get along? After years of working in the health and fitness industry it’s never ceased to amaze me just how impossible this little group of like minded thinkers are. I’ve won over doctors, surgeons, skeptics, and everything in between but not these guys. A few years ago I did a presentation [..]

Bulgarian weightlifting for old people like me. This past Saturday night I had a conference call with retired ‘Olympic weightlifter’ and bronze medalist – Alex Varbanov. Alex comes from the original system that Coach Abdajiev used to create the most successful weightlifting dynasty – EVER. Coach Varbanov will be working closely with myself and Coach [..]

Keywords: coach, Workout

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Workout Of The Day - Caveman Strong

Wednesday ‘BARN BURNER’ 5 Rounds for Time of… Deadlifts x 5 Kipping Pullups x 12 Box Jumps x 20 Double Unders x 30 Walking Lunges Overhead x 40 steps. Saturday Open gym 830-12 Kids program CrossFit class 830am WOD: Back Squat 5-5-5 Cashout: 5 Rounds for Time… Row 200 meters 20 x Kipping Pullups. Tuesday Split Squat 5-5-5-5 Superset with Back Extensions x 5 / Hypers x 15 / L-sit x Max Hold Cashout.


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Speaking recently with Tyler he mentioned his plans to introduce meditation & a mental health element to the gym …I once again mentioned the mental benefits Caveman Strong has already had on me & he asked me if I’d put pen to paper & share. My weight progression by David B For starters I weigh 165lbs, had never been to a gym or even really knew how to lift weights properly.


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Ingredients 4-5 Lrg organic carrots peeled and shredded 1/4 cup of dried organic raisins or dates 2 tablespoon olive oil 3 tablespoon of fresh squeezed lemon juice 1/4 cup of oven roasted sliced almonds 2 tablespoon fresh chopped cilantro 1 teaspoon paprika Pepper and Sea salt to taste Instructions Serves.


Workout Of The Day - Caveman Strong - wod

Monday Back Squat 8-6-4-2-2-2 Cashout: 3 rounds… Slam ball shots x 10 Dumbbell thruster x 10 Row x 10 cal kettlebell crush pushup x 10. Saturday Power Snatch 2-2-2-2 Cashout: 3 Rounds for Time… Row 400 Overhead Squat x 5 Box Jumps x 8 Situps x 12. Friday Behind the neck press 5-5-5 With 1 Arm Row 5-5-5 Cashout: Prowler Push 3 Heavy Rounds. X Dumbbell Push press 7 x Kettlebell Swing 7 x Jumping Lunges.