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By: Corey Beck  09-12-2011

Business “Disputes” should be approached aggressively but with a cool demeanor.The key is to resolve problem by quickly learning facts, law, and motivations of parties. Over the years, I have successfully litigated many types of business matters, including partnership disputes, covenants not to complete, contracts, lease agreement disputes, etc… In some of these cases, I have obtained injunctive relief when there was a significant and timely issue. An injunction is appropriate to stop someone from selling or transferring property.

There is a specific forum- Business Court, which is in District Court.  This Court can be opted-in in many business cases. This Court has more experience in dealing with business matters. I also handle many work-out or bankruptcy cases. I have extensive experience in resolving debts of businesses. Chapter 11 provides a basis for a company to reorganize its debts if the business is on a large enough scale.

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Chapter 13 @ Corey Beck

In fact, when a vehicle has been current for 910 days, a person filing bankruptcy can pay Fair Market Value as opposed to loan balance through the bankruptcy plan. A business owner can keep their business and file bankruptcy if they pay “liquidation value” to unsecured creditors. The Bankruptcy gives individuals seeking relief, “debtors” a lot of time for their income to stabilize.


Chapter 7 @ Corey Beck

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy wipes out all unsecured debt, including credit cards, deficiency balances and other personal loans. If your financial problems are NOT temporary, then filing a Chapter 7 is a legal alternative to discharge debt. The bankruptcy changes created a scale or index to evaluate a household income versus average-CMI. Conversely, if your problems are due to temporary setbacks -Don’t file bankruptcy.


Foreclosure Alternatives @ Corey Beck

Under the new Nevada Foreclosure Law effective July 1, 2009, any lender who files a notice of default against your house must engage in “good faith” negotiations with homeowners who request a final mediation. Loan Modification is a slower process, but it can provide more relief when a homeowners income/expense fit within the Making Home Affordable “MHA” or “HAMP” guidelines.


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The Law office of Corey Beck will ensure that each of our clients gets the most up to date information about new bankruptcy laws and more importantly we will work hard to make sure you get the resolution you deserve. The Law office of Corey Beck specializes in providing each of our clients the individual attention that they deserve. We will work hard to solve all of your financial hardships.