By: Corenet Solutions  09-12-2011

It is common practice to find certified network engineers integrating networking and communications products for organizations to improve collaboration between staff and customers in a bit to forge ahead in the market. as a trend, end users have always been fed with imported technology.

When Corenet Solutions started, we thought differently. Localizing technology will not only bring significant cost savings for our clients, support would receive a boost while providing end to end solutions for those with critical difficulties.

In 2005, we entered into strategic alliance with various hardware manufacturers and assembled an international team of system designers bringing together both proprietary and open source modules with enhancement derived from critical study of existing market and leading products and solutions to produce the Core-Packet range.

The results have been played out in various organizations now enjoying the cost effectiveness and ruggedity of our products designed after takingNigeria’s specific power concerns into consideration.

Other products and services from Corenet Solutions


Enterprise Routers

The inclusion of an enterprise-class firewall complements the router’s industry-leading IP WAN routing, Quality of Service, NAT functionality and VPN features, making it well-suited for remote offices that require integrated connectivity, VPN and firewall functionality for both site-to-site and remote access communications.


Nest Routers

A modular router optimized for multi-service integration of voice, video, and data traffic, the Core-Packet Nest Router affords businesses and the most complete functionality and flexibility to facilitate secure Internet and Intranet access. The router offers a wide array of WAN access options, Voice over IP, high-performance routing with Quality of Service, inter-virtual LAN routing, and VPN with firewall options.


Corenet Blog

Across nearly every industrial sector, Information and Communications Technology has enabled the systematic gathering of large quantities of data in its varied formats. How to communicate and share this data without compromise in quality and security forms the challenge.