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By: Core Plus Fitness  09-12-2011
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Can't make it to our group classes? 
Looking for solid athletic conditioning
to help you get an edge on the competition?

Consider Core Plues Fitness Premium Services, designed with you in mind.

Private Training

Get one-on-one with the best fitness trainer in the city… or so our clients tell us!  Personal fitness training through Core Plus Fitness allows you to get all the benefits of our classes and more!  We'll meet with you to discuss your goals and to create a unique plan to help you achieve them! 

Call now to learn more!

Personal Program Design

Get a Core Plus Fitness workout any day, any time,
anywhere with your personalized fitness program.

This package includes

  • A 1 hour consultation
  • A fitness program customized just for you
  • 1 hour program instruction and,
  • A Gymstick™ for you to keep!

Gymstick™ Package:

  • Gymstick™
  • 1 hour program instruction
  • Gymstick™ instructional poster
  • A DVD

A.T.P. Sports Training

Sports specific training for high school and amateur athletes.  Every movement in this class will enhance your performance in the game and will help you get the edge that you're looking for. 

This is hard-core training designed to help you win! 

Teams that train together, win together!

Fit That™ Program:

Keywords: Fitness