Core Perform - Stability Adjustable Ergometer Seat

By: Core Perform  09-12-2011
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Core Perform is a stability adjustable rowing seat attachment designed for Concept 2™ “C” , “D”and “E” model ergometers that attaches underneath the Concept 2™ factory seat.

The first ever adjustable stability seat, Core Perform’s patented design optimizes athletes’ ergometer training by incorporating the multi-planar movements that challenge athletes during (on the water) rowing.

Through the flip of a lever, the Core Perform product transforms the C2™ seat from a stable to an unstable position which represents the actual degree of roll (side-to-side) oarsmen experience while rowing.


Conducting an ergometer workout with the Core Perform seat in the unstable position provides athletes (and coaches) with several benefits:

Optimal Rowing Efficiency:

  • Leg drive - demands athletes to apply equal power to both feet during the leg drive.
  • Pull – challenges oarsmen’s core muscle group (lumbo-pelvic – hip complex) to maintain balance and proper center-line while completing the second portion of the stroke.
  • Recovery – requires the rower to have a clean and controlled recovery while traveling to the catch.
  • Catch – reinforces the need to use core muscles to keep upright at the catch, eliminating dips by the upper body and unproductive effort just as the legs should be driving down.

Faster Erg Times:

  • Core Perform increases an oarsmen’s stroke and applied power efficiencies. By improving these efficiencies, more energy and power is available to oarsmen which directly translates into improved ergometer times.

Core Muscle Training:

  • Core Perform strengthens the entire core muscle group while activating three key muscles that are not trained on the ergometer but are required for boat stability; they are – External Oblique, Internal Oblique, and Transversus Abdominis.
  • These abdominal muscles are designed to work synergistically with the lower back and spinal muscles (multifidus and deep erector spinae) to stabilize the oarsmen’s core. Using the Core Perform seat allows for optimal muscle recruitment for the athlete’s entire core.

Faster Boats Sooner:

  • Oarsmen who train on Core Perform are better conditioned and stability- prepared for rowing. Core Perform assists coaches and coxswains in reducing the time spent practicing boat stability to allow more time on making boats go faster sooner.

Ease of Use:

Switching from the stable to the unstable position can be performed with one hand by the oarsman without getting off the ergometer. The same is true when switching back from unstable to the stable position.

Keywords: Ergometer, Rowing, seat