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By: Coractive  09-12-2011
Keywords: Fibers, Optical Fibers, Photosensitive Fibers

Active Fibers

CorActive’s active fibers are designed to meet the requirements of leading edge high-power amplifier and laser applications. CorActive active fibers are available in different geometries and rare-earth dopants.

Passive Fibers

CorActive offers a complete line of passive, polarization-mainaining, and photosensitive fibers matched to CorActive active fibers and other industry standards for use in components and laser beam delivery applications.

OEM Modules & Sub-Assemblies

CorActive offers optical modules and sub-assemblies based on CorActive active and passive double clad fibers. CorActive sub-assemblies are offered in different configurations to meet specific customer requirements.

Attenuating Fibers

CorActive high attenuation optical fibers provide flat attenuation over the widest possible wavelength range to address the optical attenuation requirements for DWDM, CATV and other telecom applications.

Photosensitive Fibers

CorActive UV-Sensitive optical fibers are specifically designed to meet the photosensitivity requirements for the manufacturing of Bragg gratings and dispersion compensators.

Mid- to Far-Infrared Fibers

CorActive delivers a full range of Infrared Transmission (IRT) optical fibers to address beam delivery requirements in the mid- to far-IR region.

Keywords: Fibers, Optical Fibers, Photosensitive Fibers

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CorActive's Solutions

CorActive offers a diversified portfolio of specialty fiber products for the component and equipment/system manufacturers in the telecommunications market. Applications for laser welding, cutting, marking, and other materials processing operations are continually gaining share over other conventional methods. CorActive offers a diversified portfolio of specialty fiber products for scientific and research applications.