COPAL floor heating cable and panel

By: Copal  09-12-2011
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No more cold tiles.. this ELECTRIC HEATING CABLE has been made to be installed directly under ceramic tiles, marble, etc. It diffuses a radiant and conductive heat that your feet will feel right away. Excellent for bathroom, kitchen, basement and entranceways, etc.

Made of glass fiber reinforced concrete(GFRC),the balcony areĀ  manufactured on request. Only 3/4 inches thick, they are easy to install.

Get ready for winter with Copal heating pad in front of your home entrance, only one size. Ready to plug in a 120 volts switch when the snow or ice falls.

The comfort of summer in your living room.Pleasant and comfortable radiant heating.To bring the warmth of the sun into your home choose CONFORT-RAY heating panels for ceilings and floor. They can be easy installed under floor via the basement, so you can keep your tiles (or other) already in place.


The electrical heater HEATWAVE is easy to use. It is quickly and easily installed under any office desk . HEATWAVE gives out a pleasant warmth where it is most needed .. on your legs, knees and feet. Consumption : 98watts, 120volts.

GFRC is a Portland cement-based composite reinforced with glass fibers that is alkali resistant. COPAL's ARCHITECTURAL PANELS are ideal for building rehabilitation and retrofit projects. Currently used as column covers, fascia panels, architectural (design) planters, climbing covers, etc.

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Keywords: Architectural Panels, Building Rehabilitation, Electric Heating Cable, Heating Cable, Tiles,