By: Cooper Admin  09-12-2011
Keywords: Website Maintenance

Why choose Cooper Admin?

  • More experience and training than typical office employees
  • No lock-in to a long-term contract
  • Pay for only the time spent on your project-No idle time is billed
  • No sick time or benefits to pay out
  • No space or computer to allocate in your office
  • Efficient, self-directed, timely work
  • As temporary or permanent as you need
  • A vested interest in ensurinig the tasks are done right
  • No need to provide equipment, space, car or resources

Services you can expect:

  • Data Management
  • Newsletter Preparation (photography included)
  • Business Letters & Correspondence
  • Software Assistance
  • Website Maintenance
  • Minutes Recorder
  • Word Processing
  • Mail Outs
  • Internet Research
  • Consultation
  • Event Planning¬†

 Rates for services:

  • $20/hr for general office and accounting
  • $25/hr for newsletters, website maintenance and similar tasks
  • $35/hr for IT assistance
  • All others are assessed based on difficulty of task or duration of task

*All rates are subject to change and without notice depending on tasks and difficulty involved.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: Website Maintenance