Induction Cooktop Ranges, Commercial Induction Cooking Range

By: Cooktek  09-12-2011
Keywords: Food Dishes, Induction Cooking, Professional Cooks,

Induction Cooktop Ranges

Working in a busy commercial kitchen requires the ability to produce exceptional food dishes quickly and efficiently, with little room for error. At CookTek®, we are committed to providing induction cooktop ranges and cookware, offering the precise control and improved performance that professional cooks need for superior results every time. CookTek’s® commercial induction cooking range fits seamlessly into any kitchen environment, with technology that heats food faster than traditional gas and allows for safer, cleaner, energy efficient cooking.

Discover the benefits of CookTek® induction cooktop ranges:

  • No flames or hot coils contribute to safer, cleaner cooking.
  • 90% efficient induction cooking for a cooler kitchen.
  • Controlled heating allows for precise, consistent cooking.
  • Heavy duty, durable build can withstand any kitchen challenge.

Contact CookTek® today and start changing the way you cook!

Keywords: Food Dishes, Induction Cooking, Professional Cooks,

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CookTek® is committed to providing heavy duty back of house induction cooking ranges and cookware, durable enough to handle the rigors of commercial kitchens, with sleek, convenient designs that highly improve the cooking experience. CookTek® induction cooking ranges heat the pan directly and cook food faster than traditional gas stoves, allowing for precise heating control for consistently exceptional food.


Commercial Induction Wok Ranges and Counter Top Woks

Counter top woks by CookTek® take all the heat in busy commercial kitchens, so that professional cooks can enjoy precise control and quality cooking results during even the toughest kitchen challenges. Our powerful commercial induction wok ranges can boil water in just seconds, with a heavy duty design and glass-ceramic bowl that can withstand the rigors of any kitchen.


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We offer counter top cooktops and powerful induction cooktop ranges that heat food evenly and efficiently, with easy-to-clean surfaces and energy efficient technology. Professional cooks worldwide count on CookTek® commercial induction cooktops to deliver the precision and consistency they need for quality results. Finally, you can enjoy a cleaner, safer, cooler and more efficient kitchen, with lower utility bills that save energy and money.


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With durable Ceran™ glass bowls and counter top and drop-in options, professional cooks can enjoy the sophisticated benefits of induction cooking while lowering energy consumption and utility bills. CookTek® commercial induction woks heat wok pans directly, making cooking times faster than that of traditional gas ranges and significantly improving performance and food. Energy efficiency significantly lowers bills and energy consumption.


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Our cookware accessories work seamlessly with CookTek® induction cooking ranges and cooktops, specially designed and developed to withstand the advanced heating methods of induction cooking and produce exceptional results every time. Cooking exceptional food dishes is both a science and an art, requiring quality tools and cookware accessories in addition to great talent.


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With CookTek® front of house induction products, professional cooks can enjoy elegant induction cooktops with the same durability, control and increased productivity they would expect from heavy duty back of house cooktops. Energy efficient induction products and cooktop ranges save money and energy, allowing for a cleaner, cooler cooktops that reduce the risk of injury.