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By: Cook Ross  09-12-2011
Keywords: talent management, Customized Training

Current trends in Talent Management show us that workers today are:
  • more diverse
  • more likely to change jobs
  • more likely to know more than their bosses about
    the subject matter they are working with
  • more likely to come from other locations
    or even other countries
  • more likely to be "connected"

Managers today have a critical role in moving an organization towards inclusion. In helping organizations embed diversity and inclusion, we can empower your managers with a set of new skills, enabling them to relate more positively to themselves, their employees and each other. Cook Ross has developed a methodology built around a transformative approach that specifically addresses the Managers role in Diversity & Inclusion.

The R.O.A.D. Manager Training is a customized training that emphasizes business results by focusing on the critical Talent Management areas of Recruitment, Onboarding, Advancement, and Development. Managers will learn how to examine, develop, and speak to diversity from the standpoint of building a culture of inclusion and cultural competency, rather than as a corrective effort designed only to fix problems of the past. They will walk away empowered to create inclusive teams with colleagues who may be motivated and inspired differently, have different values, or have different communication styles.

ReInventing Talent Management© is a systems package developed by Cook Ross that assists organizations with the complexity of Talent Management and its impact on the organization’s larger business plan. This course explores the impact unconscious patterns can have on the complex task of bringing in and retaining the best talent for our organizations. It is designed to move managers out of their own way in order to recruit and ultimately develop the very best talent.

Keywords: Customized Training, talent management

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