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By: Cook Ross  09-12-2011
Keywords: Strategic Planning, Customized Training, Diversity Training

Our methodology is built around a transformative approach to Diversity and Inclusion Consulting – ReInventing Diversity for the 21st Century©. This approach creates sustainable change in organizations by replacing race-based, US-centric, ‘us vs. them’ diversity training with a systems model that explores globalism, cultural intelligence and cultural flexibility, inherent human tendency toward bias, and unconscious organizational patterns that exist which impact the way employees, vendors, and customers from different cultures, ages, and backgrounds all relate to each other.

Cook Ross does not approach diversity training as an organizational “band-aid” or a temporary “fix” for a problem. We work to identify a customized training approach that emphasizes business results, and builds a lasting, systems approach that encourages and develops collaboration among the employees and emphasizes ownership, individual choice, and responsibility for each individual’s behavior. We have established a comprehensive systems approach to diversity that has evolved from our years of experience in addressing a wide variety of diversity related issues.

Training Courses:

ReInventing Diversity
. . . ensuring success by utilizing our proven whole system approach for creating more inclusive, culturally competent organizations.

. . . examines how unconscious bias develops, how it impacts people and diversity efforts, and the impact it has on creating successful culture change.

Strategic Planning with Systems Map©
. . . ensuring that you have the complete 'big picture' in mind when reshaping your orgranization's culture.

R.O.A.D. Managers Training
. . . (Recruitment*Onboarding*Advancement*Development) specifically designed for People Managers, we'll prepare them for the 21st Century workplace by equipping them with the awareness and skills that create inclusive teams and effectively improve team and organizational performance.

Senior Leadership Engagement
. . . guiding your senior executives to create long-term sustainability of diversity efforts and understanding the important role they play in positioning and supporting the diversity effort as well as communicating the company’s diversity vision throughout the organization.

Diversity Council Development
. . . developing and strengthening your council to be change agents for taking your diversity efforts to the next level.

Coaching & Mentoring Programs
. . . designing and building structured and informal mentoring programs, training both mentors and proteges in knowing how to get the most out of the relationship.

Assessments & Metrics
. . . putting the right metrics in place to encourage appropriate behaviors and measure your diversity performance accurately.

Diversity for Global Business
. . . training your teams to transform the way they do business in different countries and cultures, through a set of distinctions that shift the paradigm to be successful in multitudes of environments.

Keywords: Customized Training, Diversity Training, Strategic Planning

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More and more we are discovering that most of these decisions are not made by bad people with bad attitudes, but rather by well-intended people who have no idea about the unconscious process that they use to make decisions about people who are different from them.