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By: Cook Ross  09-12-2011

The ability to communicate with people from various cultural backgrounds is critical to being an effective leader in today’s diverse workplace. By learning the different styles in which people communicate, we open ourselves to greater success. Cook Ross has developed trainings and tools designed to encourage employees to examine his or her own patterns of communication, and identify the opportunities for expanding his or her cultural competency skills.

We believe that cultural competency can be learned and developed, and that it can lead to unprecedented growth and vastly improved productivity, morale, internal communication, leadership, and customer satisfaction. In helping organizations develop cultural competence, we can empower your employees with a set of new skills, enabling them to relate more positively to customers and each other.

Beyond Babel:  Enhancing Cross Cultural Communications in a Diverse World
The story of the Tower of Babel may be biblical, but its dynamics are real. Our world is becoming increasing diverse, and communicating with each other across cultures has become increasingly challenging. This course is designed to help your people better understand how distinctions of communication may impact and enhance their ability to work with each other and serve their customers, clients and patients. Each participant receives a copy of the Cook Ross , as a resource for putting their learning into action after the training.

Cultural Competency for Sales Teams
This course is designed to expand on the sales training typically focused on products by adding relational components, including the effect unconscious bias may have on pursuing leads and closing sales with prospects; developing culturally competent behavior in the sales environment; and practicing cultural intelligence when interacting with a variety of cultural backgrounds. Each participant receives a copy of the Cook Ross , as a resource for putting their learning into action after the training.

Cultural Competency in Healthcare
Cook Ross is especially skilled in helping healthcare organizations systematically manage diversity as well as increase physician and staff cultural competence. Training takeaways include 1) Awareness of the impact of cultural factors on providers’ and patient’s health values, beliefs, and behaviors; 2) Knowledge of cultural issues: disease incidence/prevalence among groups, ethno-pharmacology, and historical factors that might shape health behaviors, as well as legal, social, and cultural dynamics; and 3) Skill building that includes methods for understanding how patients’ conceptualize and understand their illnesses, as well as ways to communicate and provide treatment.

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Although business for the last century has been mostly modeled on and catered to male cultural norms, women have unique views and approaches to values, performance, on the job behavior, career development, managing relationships, and how one relates to the workplace. The Dynamic Choices for Women curriculum has been designed to support women in finding professional and personal fulfillment while working in more traditional environments.


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Whether downsizing, expanding, developing new product lines, merging, revamping services, retraining, adapting to new technologies or changes in the marketplace, restructuring, or entering new businesses or new markets, organizational change is hard to engineer and even harder to sustain.


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The mentor's role is to support the participant in their learning by sharing their own leadership experience; insight on organizational politics and how to get things done; helping them to develop skills such as delegation, etc.; in addition to providing general encouragement and support.


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Managers will learn how to examine, develop, and speak to diversity from the standpoint of building a culture of inclusion and cultural competency, rather than as a corrective effort designed only to fix problems of the past. In helping organizations embed diversity and inclusion, we can empower your managers with a set of new skills, enabling them to relate more positively to themselves, their employees and each other.


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More and more we are discovering that most of these decisions are not made by bad people with bad attitudes, but rather by well-intended people who have no idea about the unconscious process that they use to make decisions about people who are different from them.


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We work to identify a customized training approach that emphasizes business results, and builds a lasting, systems approach that encourages and develops collaboration among the employees and emphasizes ownership, individual choice, and responsibility for each individual’s behavior.