By: Contract Genie  09-12-2011
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Contract Genie Features and Benefits.

     Contract Genie Features

  • Documents telephone transactions Complies with FTC telemarketing Sales Rules
  • Record any part of a telephone conversation
  • Control recording from any touch tone phone
  • Voice recording includes date and time stamp
  • System generated I.D. number for easy, instant retrieval
  • Completely digital system for high quality voice recordings
  • Daily backup of system
  • Records stored in a secured systems environment

 Full List of Contract Genie Services

·         Standard Digital TPV Recording and Playback .  Clients call Contract Genie’s main number to record and playback verbal recordings.  Requires use of account number and access code.  All recordings available for playback via web or touch tone phone.

·         Direct Line Access (Express TPV Recording). Clients dial an exclusive number linked to their account to make verbal recordings.  No entry of  account or access number required.  This saves time making recordings and allows access from PBX and digital line phone systems where touch tone control is often lost after making third party call transfers.

·         IVR Services .  Let Contract Genie automate your script to improve accuracy and overall quality assurance of your telephone representatives.  Operators can monitor the progress of the recording and enter the call in progress for clarification purposes. Very helpful in meeting today’s tougher regulatory criteria.

·         Voice Broadcasting/Auto-Dialing . Contract Genie can auto-dial your contact database to drive calls to your call center locations.  Varying greetings can be played to answering machines or live answers.  We can direct-connect interested parties to your call center.

·         Telephone Conferencing .  Do all your conference calling through our clear connection service.  We offer reservation-less conference calling as well as operator-assisted calls for much less money than major providers.  We also offer wholesale conferencing.

·         Voice Mail Service .  Contract Genie provides voice mail box service, including email delivery of voice mail messages at lower rates per month than other providers to most areas of the country.  We offer wholesale accounts at a lower cost per 1000 boxes than any other provider.

·         Call Switching/After-Hours Call Centers . In certain applications your 800 calls can be routed into our switch, which enables call centers to handle TPV campaigns they otherwise could not because their equipment doesn’t provide access to an outside line to record.  Clients can also direct after-hours calls to other call centers.

·         Automated Surveys.   Contract Genie provides anonymous employee and manager survey services to several national restaurant chains who use this valuable input to help improve overall company performance and profit.      

         Contract Genie Benefits

  • Contract genie provides verification of a demand draft transaction. It can be used as a verifiable authorization for automatic payments  drawn directly on a customers checking, savings, share or similar account. In addition this authorization serves to protect the bank from bearing the loss of a disputed draft.
  • Higher close rate. No risk of losing sales due to delays while waiting for a signature confirmation via fax or mail.
  • With contract Genie you only pay for what you use.There are no fixed costs, so your capital is free to work for your business in other ways. Compared to systems that can cost you tens of thousands of dollars up front, Contract Genie costs you only a nominal one time set up fee.
  • Instant access, you can retrieve Contract Genie recordings for up to 36 months. Records are stored online for four months allowing instant access from any touch-tone telephone. Permanent storage is available.
  • No special equipment is required. Any touch-tone telephone can be used to access the Genie. There is no equipment to buy, install or maintain.
  • No systems personnel needed. Most in-house systems available today require specially trained technical personnel that can add greatly to the cost of the system. Contract Genie eliminates the need for any in-house technical personnel.
  • No storage requirements. Unlike other recording systems, no space is required for cassette tapes, or other media. And there is no need to catalog and keep track of your recordings. All you need is the Contract Genie ID number provided at the end of every recording.
  • Unlimited expansion. Easily adapts to peak periods of activity and special clients/projects without fixed expenses.

Keywords: Conference Calling, Email Delivery, Voice Mail