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By: Construction Cost Controls  09-12-2011

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Design Phase Services

Cost Models are management tools which define the construction budget and set up design parameters with which the project team will work.  It defines and controls the money allocated into each of the building elements.  The cost model then becomes an excellent tool for focusing the value engineering effort because it clarifies the cost drivers early in a project.  The cost model is structured in a systems format and accompanied by a detailed narrative.  It can be prepared at anytime during development of the design but, is most effective when done at the conceptual stage.  ccc will prepare a cost model for each project, providing updates and maintaining it throughout the design phase of the project.  

Conceptual Estimates are prepared shortly after the architectural program has been developed.  This is the point at which the cost model is initially prepared.  The cost model is developed from information provided by the architectural program.  Project costs are based upon similar projects and adjusted for location and current indexing.

Design Phase Estimates are prepared at various stages of the design development, depending on the clients requirements.  If a cost model was previously prepared it will be updated at each phase estimate.  Along with the systems estimate and narrative that accompanies each estimate is an explanation of changes in the cost model.

Construction Document Estimates are prepared prior to the documents going out for bid from drawings at ninety percent completion.  Information available for estimating purposes should include all Plans, Specifications and Addenda.  At this point the estimate has evolved into a detailed report.  A final comparison will be made to the costmodel and a report made on any variance.

Change Order Estimates are done after the contract has been awarded as changed conditions occur.  An analysis is made of the changed condition and the cost as submitted by the contractor.  In addition to an estimate ccc will, at the clients option, participate or conduct the negotiations with the contractor.

Constructability Reviews of final drawings and specifications are made before the documents are put out for bid or between "bid" and "for construction" documents.  An examination of the plans is made for clarity and completeness, with cross reference to the Specification.  A report is made of all errors, omissions and coordination problems.

Value Analysis & Trade-off Studies are made utilizing the cost model through design development.  Such analysis will help the design team maintain the clients budget.

Although the systems format is the recommended format for design phase estimates, any estimate can also be prepared in the CSI format.

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