Caulks, Sealants, Conservation Strategies

By: Conservation Strategies  09-12-2011


#6 Mastic® seals leaks in return air ducts, supply ducts, air handlers, plenums, grilles, registers, dampers, and boots.
Dampney Thurmalox 2655 is a one-part, room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone adhesive/sealant for high-temperature industrial applications. It cures to a tough, elastomeric rubber upon exposure to atmospheric moisture and retains permanent flexibility from -80°F to 550°F (-62°C-288°C) and will withstand intermittent exposures to 650°F (343°C).
STA'-PUT SPM is an aerosolized pressure sensitive adhesive suitable for a variety of applications on porous and many non-porous surfaces. 16 oz can.

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Diagnostic Equipment

Both the MZF Draft Gauge and the Draftrite® pocket gauge can be utilized by contractors and service technicians for determining draft pressure problems in commercial and residential settings. Instrument comes with refrigerant and combustible gas sensors, color-coded sensor tips, instrucion manual, 4 AA batteries, and a hard carrying case.