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By: Conscious Creation  09-12-2011

Products : Conscious Creation

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Tarot Coaching Session  $40.00/ 30min. Summer Special $30.00

Looking for some direction or clarity in a specific area of your life? Or are you curious about coaching and want a fun taste? If the answer is “YES” to either of these questions, then let’s schedule Tarot Coaching Session!   

Tarot Coaching is a fun and empowering way of exploring your life’s questions, while building your confidence in discovering the answers within YOU!  

At the start of a Tarot Coaching session I’ll ask you what your topic or issue is for the session.  I may ask you a few clarifying questions such as “Tell me more about….” or “What is important to you about this topic?” Throughout this part of our conversation, I will be shuffling the cards allowing the ones that want your attention to drop out.  We, will then interpret the cards, (I will describe them to you when the session is over the phone) both of us discerning how the symbolic images relate to your topic. More important than what I see, is the meaning and insights you glean from the cards.  While I will share any intuitive insights that I receive during the session, mostly I will be asking questions to help YOU gain the clarity needed to discern your own next steps in relation to the topic you have brought forth.  If there are any potential obstacles that could trip you up along the way, such as incongruent beliefs, self sabotaging thoughts or patterns, the cards have a way of helping you see them and then we can work on how to manage or eliminate them. 

It is within your power to consciously participate in co-creating the life you want; I am here as your coach to help you do that!  A Tarot Coaching consultation will guide you in clearly defining the future you want to create for yourself NOW and identify the next steps along your journey!

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