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By: Connectis  09-12-2011
Keywords: Technical Support, Service Bureau


  1. Application Integrations
  2. Forms Development, Workflow & Programming
  3. Technical Support
  4. Training
  5. Document Processing Service Bureau
  6. Specification Writing
  7. Implementation Reviews
  8. Activity Reporting
  9. Project Management
  10. ROI Analysis
Engage Connectis PSG for on-premise technology implementations, application integrations or run your next internal project with our document service bureau. We can setup a Proof of Concept on our site or yours to justify our solutions. Our experienced PSG staff focus on getting the work done quickly and accurately  minimize down time and your cash outlay.  Each service contract is tracked and documented for your review.

Project Methodology

Applying our project methodology ensures an effective, smooth implementation ensuring the project is completed on time and on budget - without surprises - enabling your business to reduce your IT and administrative costs and respond quickly to changed market opportunities.

  1. Discovery
  2. Estimate
  3. Proposal / Quote
  4. Development Requirements Definition Documenting (optional)
  5. Project Planning, Statement of Work & PSA, Pre-Install Checklist
  6. Deployment, Integrations & Training
  7. Review & Assessment

Document Service Bureau

Education & Training

Have You Done Your Homework?

You're choosing a business automation solution after carefully evaluating vendor offerings - the tedious homework phase is finally complete - or is it? Did your homework actually take you beyond a detailed product or service analysis, to the point of being sure that the solution meets your specific business requirements? A business requirements analysis should include three steps:

  1. Detailed documentation of the current process to be automated
  2. Review of the process documentation with the staff who do the work every day
  3. Request for input from the staff on what they would like to see in an automation solution

While most people do a good job obtaining user input, unfortunately it is all too easy to forget that basic first step, without which the requirements analysis could easily be suspect. If you've not stepped back to document every task in the current process, is it possible that some process steps, sub-steps, or exception handling procedures may have slipped through the cracks? What happens to business enhancement schedules and costs when these hidden processes and exceptions suddenly appear and stall the rollout? With process documentation services from Connectis, there will be no costly surprises when you're ready to roll out your automated solution. You'll see both the detail and the "30,000 foot" view of your complete operation, before finalizing your requirements and solution definition. You'll likely discover opportunities for process improvement that you and your staff had not thought of! The cost? Probably insignificant within the overall context of your project. The upside? An efficient rollout of your strategic business automation solution.

Keywords: Service Bureau, Technical Support

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