By: Connect Care  09-12-2011
Keywords: Telephone Lines, Response Centre

Service Info

The ConnectCare unit consists of 2 components: the personal help button, which the subscriber wears around the neck or wrist and the communicator, which is plugged into the telephone jack and an electrical outlet.

How it Works

When the subscriber needs help, they push the button they are wearing and a signal is sent through the telephone lines to our Response Centre located in Parkwood Hospital. Our highly trained operators then speak to the subscriber first, in order to determine what kind of assistance is required. The subscriber does not have to pick up the telephone as the communicator acts as a speaker. If no contact is made the operator calls the responders in the order requested by the subscriber. Responders are friends, relatives or neighbors who have agreed to go to the subscriber's home when contacted by ConnectCare. It is this element that makes ConnectCare a community-based program. If none of the responders can be reached, or the situation is deemed an emergency, an ambulance is sent to the scene.

Key Benefits

  • Two-way voice contact
  • wide range personal help button
  • works in conjunction with own telephone

Service includes

  • battery backup system in case of a power failure
  • waterproof personal help button for safe bathing
  • maintenance when required
  • assistive devices for the physically challenged (at no charge)

Keywords: Response Centre, Telephone Lines

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