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By: Conforma  09-12-2011
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Accepting the quest for Higher Quality Vision!
HD OPTICS™ is Conforma's latest aspheric front surface geometry that can be applied to most single vision and multifocal lenses including VFL®3, Ellip-See-Con™, E-Lens™, Elite™ and custom spherical lenses.

Benefits Include:

  • Enhanced contrast sensitivity
  • Crisp, clear vision at distance, intermediate and near
  • Improved visual acuity, especially in moderate to high prescriptions
  • Improved comfort with reduced overall lens mass and edge profile
  • Increased overall add power on VFL3 Progressive Multifocal!

HD OPTICS™ has ADDitional benefits on VFL®3 Progressive Multifocal GP lenses. When combined with the standard add power generated by the aspheric back surface, the HDO aspheric front curve increases the overall add power by approximately +.50D.

Update your GP lenses with Conforma HD OPTICS!

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Keywords: Lenses

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Optician and certified technician with 30 years of successful fitting and consulting experience in the contact lens industry. Professional consultants with the technical training and expertise required to maximize your success with GP lenses. Grafted or otherwise surgically altered corneas require specialty lenses designed to match these altered shapes. Keratoconus and other irregular corneal topographies can be fit with our custom lenses.