Concepts And Designs

By: Concepts And Designs  09-12-2011
Keywords: Product Development , Customer Confidentiality

Services Provided

The services provided are performed with the aid of Solidworks 2010:

Agreements and Customer Confidentiality

In order to satisfy customer confidentiality and protect our cutomers interests and products we can provide a draft format "Confidentiality Agreement" or "Non Disclosure Agreement" It is our intent to assist our customers in product development by any means possible and will not disclose any information to third parties. Our customers success and confidence in our abilities is our primary objective.


Project Proposal:

It is always beneficial to provide graphic representations to project proposals. This aids in getting a concept or visualization of the proposed project across to an individual or group. This may be used for funding grants or for the purpose of fine detail explanation. It is much easier to see what a finished part or assembly looks like rather than trying to describe it, as many people may interpret a description in several different ways. This goes back to the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words“. If you hand out text explanations to 10 different people and ask them to draw what they envision you will get back 10 different renditions of the same part.

Graphical Design Benefits:

By concentrating on explaining a graphical design rather than a text based description will aid in getting the presentation across and display a higher level of knowledge and understanding to the project. The generated graphical part, components or assemblies are in fact true virtual parts in a form that is the final stage before manufacturing may begin.


Trouble Shooting in Design Phase:

In the design phase of 3D virtual parts, each component is modeled full scale the same as if it was being fabricated or machined. These individual modeled parts or components are then brought together just the same as in a real world assembly.

Cost Effective:

In a virtual design world many problems may be avoided which in reality could have cost hundreds of hours of lost labor as well as scrapped materials. This is extremely undesirable as it leads to project delays and elevated costs.

Keywords: Customer Confidentiality, Product Development ,