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By: Computers Unlimited  09-12-2011
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Virus Removal
With this option we can remove the virus from your computer without reloading the operating system. This will allow you to keep the programs you have installed BUT there is a a greater chance of the virus coming back sooner.

Reload Windows 
     This is for computers that have to many viruses to clean. It is the best option for virus removal, slow computer due to spyware, adware, virus or just to many programs eating up the computers processor time. It will make your machine run like new again. When reloading windows we download all available updates,  AVG free anti-virus, Java, Itunes, Mozilla Firefox and other pieces of software to help you enjoy your computer experience and help keep it safe from viruses. NOTE: A paid for antivirus and security system is more complete than the free versions. We offer AVG Professional Internet Security for this purpose. If you have DSL in Fentress County also note IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you get a router. The router has a hardware firewall which is always better than a software one on your computer and it makes it much harder for someone to attack your computer with viruses and spyware.

     If you want anything from a faster processor, more memory, to faster everything. Bring your computer and let us take a look at it. We will throughly go thru your machine and figure out the cheapest way for you to make whatever your doing with your computer be faster for you. NOTE: we ALWAYS let you know what your options are for an upgrade and let you make the decision on which way you would like us to upgrade your machine.

Keywords: router