By: Compuscan Solutions  09-12-2011
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COMPUSCAN SOLUTIONS is the cost-effective document and paper scanning, imaging, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) business solutions provider.

COMPUSCAN SOLUTIONS affordably transforms paper records into information that can be utilized and accessed anywhere and anytime.

COMPUSCAN SOLUTIONS scans paper documents into digital document files - provides solutions and enhances productivity by making archived or stored documents:

  • Instantly available with multiple search fields.
  • Accessible to more than one user simultaneously
  • Reduces labor, cuts costs, saves time
  • No more misfiled or lost documents
  • No more off site storage fees

STEP 1: Transport

Court Support Services, LLC security staff will pick up documents from your office or storage unit.

STEP 2: Inventory

Court Support Services, LLC staff will code, label and inventory all documents.

STEP 3: Document Preparation

Court Support Services, LLC removes all staples, paperclips, rubber bands.

STEP 4: Indexing

Use patented character/word recognition and search software to index documents based on the fields that have been designated.

STEP 5: Scanning

STEP 6: Quality Control

Verify accuracy and quality of document conversion.

STEP 7: Client Verification

CD/DVD's are delivered to the client for review, verify and authorize the final.

STEP 8: Delivery and Installation

2 CD/DVD (one for backup) delivered to you with a 3rd CD/DVD archived in a secured HIPPA approved facility. In 60 months you will receive replacement 2 CD/DVD at no charge to replace the original CD/DVD ensure that the life of CD/DVD meet the criteria of longevity of the documents scanned.

STEP 9: Training and Support

CompuScan Solutions provides on-site training and on-going support.

STEP 10: Data Destruction

After 30 days, all data is confidentially and securely destroyed in accordance with industry standards or if the client chooses the documents are returned to the client for disposal.

Security and Confidentiality

CompuScan Solutions adheres to the most strict security and confidentiality to ensure documents are kept completely confidential, secure and insured.

All documents are stored in a limited access highly secured area. COMPUSCAN SOLUTIONS staff are submitted to a pre-employment background and fingerprinting check by the Department of Pubic Safety.

HIPPA Compliant

COMPUSCAN SOLUTIONS has been performing various IT services for healthcare clients since 2002. CSS understands the needs of businesses to comply with HIPPA and is extremely conscientious in protecting personally identifiable information and only allowing team members trained in HIPPA to provide these services.

Scanning Quality

600 dpi or 300 dpi scanning - High quality scanning services using top of the line scanners and the latest in scanning technology that results in better resolution, and better OCR capabilities.

High Volume

High volume scanning for small projects by compiling multiple separate projects into large production projects while maintaining multiple client accounts.


There is no need to purchase or lease software or hardware to access stored files on CD/DVD. Adobe Acrobat is readily available and free.

Keywords: Scanning