What Makes Us Special

By: Compu-home  09-12-2011

We're Working for You

Compu-Home doesn't sell equipment, and we're not associated with any vendor. Our purchase recommendations are always unbiased and objective, and will only have your needs in mind. We also don't apply a markup to purchases we make on behalf of our customers.

In-Home Service

Problems can usually be diagnosed much faster on site. You don't have to disconnect your equipment and lug it to a shop, so you're back in action faster. Most of our services are carried out on-site, including:

  • Hardware upgrades
  • Problem diagnosis
  • Installing and configuring peripherals
  • Wireless and wired networks setup, with security
  • Virus detection and removal
  • ..and more.

With some kinds of problems it may save you time and expense if we take your computer back to our workshop, so that we can deal with it more efficiently there. In that case, we can sometimes provide you with a loaner computer for you to use in the mean time.

How We Work

What happens when you call Compu-Home? Here are the stages of a typical appointment:

  1. Thorough telephone discussion of your problem or requirement, with no obligations.
  2. If we can suggest corrective action on the spot, we will -- problem solved, at no charge!
  3. For other problems where an appointment is required, we will arrange a specific appointment time that's convenient for you -- not a half-day window! We always attempt to find a same-day or next-day appointment, if our schedule permits.
  4. Compu-Home arrives at your premises. Our labour charge begins when the work starts – no charge for travel time.
  5. We diagnose the problem and consult with you regarding the most efficient and economical solution.
  6. Agreed work is completed.
  7. Explanation of what was required and best future practices.
  8. Problem solved!

Other products and services from Compu-home


Software Support

We are familiar with the old saying that “you get what you pay for” but in the world of software there are rare cases where that is not entirely true – we constantly research and study a few free programs that we can recommend with confidence, and maybe save you hundreds of dollars. We can make sure this major project must is done correctly, so that your data isn’t lost and you're back to work as soon as possible.


Business & Associations

Businesses and professional organizations have special priorities and we at Compu-Home have first-hand experience with those requirements. Crucial secure data storage, including local and offsite backups.



One of the fastest-growing groups of computer users is Seniors, who are making wonderful use of technology to keep in touch easily with friends and family, and keep up with their interests. We place great emphasis on “keeping it simple” and avoiding the unnecessary hocus-pocus and jargon that make using a computer harder than necessary. We can help you set up a computer, or tweak the one you have..and lots more.


Purchase Advice

It's our business to know exactly what is suited to you, and what reputable supplier has the best price at this time. When you're thinking about buying equipment the choices can be bewildering..and a wrong decision is expensive. Others leave the entire project up to us, to choose, purchase, set up, deliver and install their equipment. For my needs, should I be thinking about brand new equipment, or the right refurbished model.


Hardware Support

We won’t advise you to waste money on a machine that’s not worth it anymore, but we have the experience to help you decide on strategic upgrades that might help you get a few more years out of it, and avoid having to shop for a new one prematurely. With some kinds of problems it saves you time and expense if we take your computer back to our workshop, so that we can deal with it more efficiently there.


Internet & Security

Viruses are an unfortunate fact of Internet life, and we have a great deal of experience in helping people avoid these pests when possible, and to get rid of them when they have already been attacked. Lots of homes have more than one computer now and home networks are an inexpensive and efficient way to share your Internet connection, as well as files and your printer.