Compac Equipment Services

By: Compac Equip  09-12-2011


Personalized Service & Customized Configurations

COMPAC builds 8 models of vibratory soil compaction roller machines, and Post Hole Diggers/Tent Erectors.
All of our products are available in several configurations. A COMPAC specialist will be pleased to assist you
in choosing the equipment and configurations best suited for your needs.

Product Support

Parts are readily available at pricing substantially below other manufacturers. Help and advice are provided by
our technically-trained staff. COMPAC responds quickly to customer needs. Our pledge is to provide product
support to meet all customer expectations.


All COMPAC products come with a 24 month warranty.

Rapid Delivery

COMPAC Products are frequently available from stock with usual delivery of 7 to 10 days to purchaser's yard.

Excellent Resale Value

COMPAC product is well accepted, has long life and therefore high resale value.