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Comox Valley Dwellings » Sustainability

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Just a quick update to say we’ve sucessfully launched our new website for our Design-Build firm located in the Comox Valley.

We provide integrated services for Design and Consruction for both residential and commercial clients.

The website was nearly 2 years in the making, but it’s done and we’re very proud :)

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Sometimes I feel a little boxed as I venture out into all things home design.

Anyone artistic probably knows this feeling. It’s the feeling where you’re so exposed to what your industry standards are, that you begin to feel as if you need to adopt them to be taken seriously.

In my opinion, true artistic or creative success comes from a limited pallet. If we possess every tool, every how-to book, and every bit of knowledge – what is left for creativity?

One of my favourite artists, Allan Sapp, developed his creative process with 4 tubes of paint: Brown, Black, Red, White. From this limited pallet, he draws out memories onto canvas.

I think that the Design-Build process is a lot like this. There is a limited pallet. That pallet consists of the Budget, the Needs, the Wants, and the Rules (city bylaws, codes etc).

…and the Artist is responsible for bringing the vision to life using the pallet available.

There are a lot of people out there who can give a customer their dream home using a loaded pallet. However, there are few Artists who can bring a clients vision to life using the pallet available.

Add ethics and sustainability to the pallet - and the Artist mustbecome a master.

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Let’s take a peek…


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Joe and I moved to this valley in 2005. We purchased a good-sized townhouse in Comox and lived there for a couple years. During that time we renovated and dreamed of where we would go next…

In the months of exploring the Comox Valley for our next place, we kept a keen eye on Forbidden Plateau. We looked at a couple places, and even put an offer on one. The offer was rejected – since we offered much lower than what they were asking. (This is another story entirely and has something to do with the fact that the building “inspector” who looked at the house reported it as having a full foundation – which it did not.)

The house that we bid on could be described as a “gingerbread swiss-inspired ski chalet”. It looked a lot like this:

We never did purchase a home on Forbidden Plateau. But the idea hasn’t left our minds…

This week our instructor at the NIC Drafting program introduced us to our next project. We’ll be learning about architectural drafting - while incorporating studies in building design, site orientation, bc building code, interior detailing (millwork etc.), amonst other areas.

After much begging, he allowed us to choose our own house plans out of various old plan magazines. At first I wanted to choose a clasic Craftman home, but I changed my mind when I spied a 1987 plan for a swiss-inspired gingerbread vacation chalet. The gears started turning…

For my project I’m going to take this vintage plan and attempt to modernize it while infusing some classic design to help it become more timeless. I’m one for dreaming, and today I’ve been dreaming about how satisfying it would be to take the history of Forbidden Plateau and incorporate it into a home that pays tribute to the area and looks after the land it sits on.

It’s going to be a major challenge to the the “kitch” out of this type of architecture – but I’m game!

Some Inspirational Photos:

Keywords: Industry Standards

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