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As time goes on and I become more experienced in the world of custom home building and renovations, it’s becoming clear to me that nearly everyone who lives here on the (wet) West Coast is in need of one kind of renovation.

I like to call it the “West Coast Room”.

We need a space that acts as a transition between the great outdoors and our own warm and secure built space.

While a garage may be a good place to store and maintain sporting gear or work on a hobby, it’s not typically light-filled and doesn’t usually lend well to promoting creative activity. (Plus – where the heck do we park the car?)  Here on the west coast we are cyclists, climbers, hikers, skiers, dog-walkers, mushroom pickers, beach combers, home-schoolers… you name it! We LOVE enjoying our outdoor playground all year round. What if we created a hybrid between a garage, a sunroom and a family room?

What would happen if we started building West Coast Rooms into family homes as a way of encouraging more harmony between the natural space and our own built space?

Joe and I have plans to one day create our own West Coast Room as an addition to our small city centre home. For us it’s about creating a versatile space for waxing skis in the winter, starting veggie seedlings indoors in the spring, drying off from sprinkler-running in the summer, and carving pumpkins in the fall…

Let us know if this sounds like it may meet your needs. We’d love to talk to you about our West Coast Room concept and build one for you as well.

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Capstone Dwellings Design-Build on

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Here is a quick update on what’s been happening around here:

The economy continues to be challenging for many companies in all sorts of industries. As a word of encouragement, it can be said that starting and maintaining a business in this type of financial climate is excellent training ground for learning how to opperate a business well. It hasn’t been easy, and we are very thankful to our Clients for trusting us with their projects so that we can continue to grow.

We’re currently building a custom home in Courtenay. It’s a lovely rancher, near city centre, and right on Morrison Creek. The style has some contemporary edge and it feels great to be offering something a little different from the usual craftsman-inspired spec that has been the primary style of the last 10 years. Of course that project is one that I’m greatly looking forward to sharing. We’re aiming for completion early September.

Thank you for your continued support!


A few links if you’re up for some exploring:

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Blogging here isn’t really on the priority list these days (sadly), but here’s a little peek into life/work around here.

2010 brought about some huge changes. After 2009’s catapult into all things Design-Build 2010 brought about some serious business growth.

“Speaking the Language of Integrated Design and Building”

To close off 2010 we successfully aquired our New Home Warranty! This is huge news for us! We’ve worked very hard to get to this point. We’re open for “Design-Build New Home Construction” business and could not be more thrilled.

The icing on the 2010 cake was being awarded our very first contract for Design-Build New Home Construction. We’re already well into the design process and expect to submit for permit within a few weeks. Here’s a little comment from our current client:

- love this! We’re working with Jim Matthew for the custom home design. Go Team!

2011 will no doubt bring more changes. We’re working hard to inject life back into the Comox Valley Dwellings blog in a way that fits with our newly established Design-Build firm. We’ve got lots coming and are looking forward to a bright future.

Wishing you success in all your plans and dreams – in business of in your personal life. Set goals, Dream Big, Work (damn) Hard :) Snuggle those you love.


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