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By: Communitech  09-12-2011

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People who produce online content come from many different backgrounds. With the amazing development with WYSIWYG editors online for blogging, the world of communication exploded in the production of news and sharing of information. No longer did we have to wait till the 11 o’clock news to catch what happened during the day – we [..]

I had a conversation with a startup sales rep recently about his company’s go-to market strategy.  He was lamenting that they were focusing on a technology sales versus one based on benefits.  This sentiment with startups is still very prevalent; organizations still often focus on features and functions instead of benefits far too often. We [..]

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Here’s a glimpse of some of the activities happening at the Hub next week: Tues Nov 29th – Battery Ventures Capital Collision Day This is an invite only event that Battery Ventures is hosting. Capital Collision Days are organized days designed to give startup organizations the opportunity to pitch to Venture Capital or Angel Investors [..]

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By Francis Moran For too long now, I have been painfully aware of just how dimly acquainted technology is with marketing. I’ve heard all the usual reasons; hell, I’ve even subscribed to most of them myself at one time or another. But these excuses simply don’t hold up to scrutiny. Technology companies tend to be [..]

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Named for Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, it states that the number of transistors that will fit on a chip doubles roughly every 18 months, which explains why our gadgets keep getting better, stronger. If Murphy’s Law holds that everything gets worse, Moore’s Law has long been the opposite, at least when it comes to computing.


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Here’s a glimpse of some of the activities happening at the Hub next week: First of all I’d like to let everyone know that we are doing our best to make our Industry Collision Days more valuable to a broader set of our Venture Service Clients.