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By: Commtel Wireless  09-12-2011
Keywords: Developing Products, Communication System, Aircraft Antennas

Commtel Wireless is an independent company specializing in providing consulting services and developing products in the electromagnetic engineering space. The company has developed antennas spanning a large frequency band—from 2MHz to 40GHz including HF broadband base station and tactical antennas, V/UHF antennas for base station and mobile applications, Microwave antennas for radar and other applications in the C, X, Ku, K & Ka bands and other RF circuits. A particular expertise has been acquired in developing antennas for low Passive Intermodulation (PIM) performance.

Commtel Wireless has been extensively involved, through its association with the firm EMSimulations, in the simulation of antennas on aircraft at HF, VHF and UHF frequencies. We've also been involved in the development of computational electromagnetic (CEM) software which aids in aircraft antennas and communication system analysis. These include Method of Moments (MoM), Geometric and Uniform Theories of Diffraction (GTD/UTD) and propagation programs.

Keywords: Aircraft Antennas, Communication System, Developing Products, Electromagnetic Engineering,

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Commtel Wireless - overview

Companies engaged with aircraft communication systems are required to determine the antennas sitting on the aircraft. Overview - Experience and Capabilities in Aircraft Communication Systems Projects. Design, manufacture and commission of matching networks for aircraft antennas. Evaluation of radiation patterns from antennas mounted on aircraft. Evaluation of coupling between antennas mounted on aircraft.


Commtel Wireless - measured coupling between communication antennas mounted on aircraft scale model

The matching losses presented by the monopoles representing the V/UHF antennas are removed in the band when the measured couplings between these antennas are above the measurement system sensitivity. Indication of the coupling between the communication antennas at the respective communication frequencies is determined from measurements on a suitable scale model of the aircraft.


Commtel Wireless - project list

Interim solutions for the VHF Antenna system mounted on the tail of the Cheetah aircraft for operation Golden-Eagle. Investigating additional antenna configurations/positions to improve communications on the Pilatus PC7 MK II. Measured coupling between communications Antennas mounted on a Rooivalk helicopter scale model. Radiation patterns study Department of Water Affairs repeater station on Impati Hill.


Commtel Wireless - validation of aircraft numerical models

Selected two dimensional pattern measurements are then performed on the l/30th and l/20th scale models using a compact range suitable for the frequency range 2 GHz-18 GHz and a shielded anechoic chamber suitable for measurements in the frequency range 300 MHz-3 GHz.