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By: Common Source  09-12-2011

Reach New Heights.

At The Common Source, we use the latest in high quality production scanners and scanning software technology to meet the needs and deadlines of our clients. Each scanner is equipped with VRS (Virtual Re-Scan) Technology, which processes a much cleaner, more detailed image than ever before possible.


  • Scan in black & white or color
  • Bates "sticker" the originals
  • Electronically Bates number the images as they are scanned
  • Electronic numbering enables you to re-use and re-number them in subsequent productions
  • Duplex with one pass
  • OCR
  • OWR (optical word recognition)
  • Prepare various load files to load into your image viewer and database applications
  • Deliver a CD of all or part of the document collection, equipped with a viewer enabling the expert/consultant to review certain documents
  • Microfiche/Microfilm

If you wish to review the documents prior to us scanning them, we will work with you on a method to mark the documents during the initial review, so that we can capture flags/markings (privileged, confidential, issue coding, etc.) during the scanning process—saving time and money.

We have high-quality production scanners at our secure facility. If necessary, we can scan on-site. We have scanned millions of pages of all shapes, colors and paper sizes.

Quality Control
After scanning, every image is compared to the paper original to insure:

  • 100% capture
  • 100% clarity
  • 100% accuracy

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The Common Source - Services. Reach new heights

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