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By: Coloured Pencil Society Of Canada  09-12-2011

No matter what your technique,there are certain attributes that you can expect from good-quality coloured pencils. They should:

release their colour evenly and smoothly,regardless of the pressure used blend easily with each other and with other brands have uniformity of texture throughout –few bits of grit or other such impurities have a high degree of colourfastness have rich,strong colour sharpen evenly –this requires a centred lead,similarity of sides in the wood casing,and no warping hold a point –some snap or crumble as soon as they touch the paper

Other attributes that have nothing whatsoever to do with the performance of the pencils themselves but are desirable nonetheless are:

the lightfastness rating marked,easily legible,on each pencil have colour names that identify the pigments used or at least give a clear idea of the actual colour (a fanciful name such as “party-hat pink” tells us nothing at all about that pink)



I own several brands of pencils,but Faber Castell Polychromos,Derwent Coloursoft,and Caran d’Ache Luminance (a recent acquisition) are my favourites.

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All the subtlety of value that Ingres so loved is here,literally,at your fingertips – just vary the pressure and you can get anything from the faintest hint of a shadow to the deepest,richest darks. Delacroix,legendary colourist,founder of Romanticism and admirer of Rubens,insisted that the secret to great art was great colour.


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The Coloured Pencil Society of Canada is both honored and proud to announce that talented French Canadian coloured pencil artist,Alexandra Bastien,has not only become a member of CPSC,but has also consented to take on the role and tasks of Vice-President in this,our inaugural year. Please join me in welcoming Alexandra Bastien as Vice President of the Coloured Pencil Society of Canada. Taming the Beast by Alexandra Bastien.