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By: Collabora  09-12-2011
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Doing open source projects properly requires a digital infrastructure -- such as a website, a bug tracker, and version control software -- and a social infrastructure -- such as a roadmap, a mailing list, and a guide for new developers. Collabora maintains this infrastructure for several projects, such as , , , , and . If you need guidance, or just want to hire someone to set up and maintain this infrastructure for you, Collabora can help. We'll take care of such elements as:

  • Website (including FAQ, roadmap, and tutorial)
  • Version control system (such as git or Subversion)
  • Bug tracker
  • Wiki
  • IRC channels
  • Mailing list
  • Blog
  • Code manipulation tools (patching, merging)
  • Buildbot
  • Documentation tools (such as gtk-doc and doxygen)

Well-run social and technical infrastructure facilitates a good relationship with the community, making it easier to get patches upstream and integrate nicely with complementary tools, platforms, services, and applications. The set of tools and the community we'll help you build will make it easier for you to get technical expertise and help the community develop ports and apply your work (and buy in to your design vision).

What's more, this reduction in trivial communication and process issues will save time. You can use that time to code, to make strategic decisions, and to find and mentor contributors (who will turn into reliable maintainers of your project, making it self-sustaining).

Open source is not just about putting a file someplace where people can download it. The open source ecology is a constantly evolving network of open source projects, maintained, grown, and controlled by individuals and organizations. It's not as chaotic as it sounds; with proper infrastructure, project maintainers easily absorb and integrate all the new work that the community contributes.

Keywords: Bug Tracker

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