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By: Collabora  09-12-2011

When adopting new technologies having the right expertise available is crucial for success. Collabora has been helping our clients for many years by providing key linux and open source skills to their product teams.

Collabora was founded by establised members of the open source community which has provided the organisation with the knowledge and ability to work with the upstream open source projects in a succesful and productive manner. This saves our clients a lot of time and money as it allows them to focus on pushing their products forward knowing that the improvements we develop together for the open source tools they are using will be merged into the upstream projects, and through that be available and working for their next product cycle.

Turnkey Solutions and Major Open Source platforms

At Collabora we take pride in being able to support our customers with all their open source needs. That means that if you want someone to support a turnkey linux platform for your team or do hardware enablement on a major open source platforms, then we are able to do that. Collabora employ experienced open source developers from a wide range of important open source projects, going from the kernel and all the way up to the user interface. This means you can contact us both for specific domain expertise and for turnkey linux solutions.

Platforms we are working with and can support you on include:

  • MeeGo, the legacy pre-Tizen Intel platform.

Domain Expertise

We do take special pride in our extremely strong multimedia team, being either the main or major contributor behind core open source multimedia technologies. This means we can offer unrivaled skills with for the following projects:

But we also got experienced and proven developers with in-depth knowledge of other major components like:

  • The Linux Kernel
  • X Window System
  • GTK+ toolkit
  • Qt toolkit
  • HTML5 development

As software becomes more complex, it's much faster to use existing open source technologies than to start from scratch. You'll benefit from collaboration between different developers on the same project. There's less duplication of effort and staffers waste less time. In fact, in the long run, it's difficult for closed source projects to compete with established open source projects.

Other products and services from Collabora


Collabora | Services | Infrastructure

Well-run social and technical infrastructure facilitates a good relationship with the community, making it easier to get patches upstream and integrate nicely with complementary tools, platforms, services, and applications. You can use that time to code, to make strategic decisions, and to find and mentor contributors (who will turn into reliable maintainers of your project, making it self-sustaining).


Collabora | Services | Architecture

Collabora's experienced engineers assess your situation, review existing open source solutions, and design a recommended architecture. Which tradeoffs suit the needs of your product and schedule. Which Linux distribution is the best fit for your project.


Collabora | Services | Training

GStreamer maintainer and Collabora engineer Wim Taymans performed training sessions for one client, and worked with them to design and expand the RTSP serving capabilities of GStreamer, which in turn they added to their devices. If your staff doesn't know how to integrate open source software and practices into their workflow, or just needs help understanding a specific framework, we'll train them.


Collabora | Services

If you need guidance, or just want to hire someone to set up and maintain this infrastructure for you, Collabora can help.


Collabora | Services | Development

Collabora's developers have experience developing software at all levels of the technology stack, from kernel modifications and drivers to end-user applications, on desktops, servers, and embedded systems. Using open source technologies, our developers can get your project done with less waste and more polish. If you have a spec, we'll build to it; if you don't, we'll help you write one first.


Collabora | Services | Project Management

We're negotiating with a developer community, a devoted user base, a project release schedule, and integration into major desktops and distributions. Collabora's project managers and technical leads work with your existing team to keep development on schedule and keep people focused. Project managers at Collabora also understand the unusual constraints and opportunities that come with open source work.