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By: Codding Sfs  09-12-2011
Keywords: Framing, Gauge Steel, Light Gauge Steel

We are dedicated to providing a cost effective, high-quality framing solution to every building project that meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations. We do this with a healthy respect for the environment and for our employees. We combine leading–edge, green solutions with state-of-the-art technology to optimize each project. Our patented, technology-driven process for manufacturing pre-engineered, light gauge steel panels is geared entirely towards delivering framing, on time, on budget and with respect for our ever decreasing natural resources.

Our framing system is based on Genesis® technologies, a well-proven system which has produced thousands of square feet of building over many years. The framing that we produce for the West Coast market has many innovative features, including all-screw connections and the use of in-line framing to optimize the use of steel.

Prefabricated Wall Panels

We design and manufacture exterior and interior load-bearing and non-load-bearing wall panels for all building types. We do not rely on standard or modular sizes. All panels are uniquely designed for the specific building project taking into account: transportation, weight, ease of assembly on site and the preferences of the General Contractor and Framer.

We roll our own studs and tracks, typically in 16 gauge (54mm), and 18 gauge (45mm) galvanized material. Panels can be almost any transportable size. We typically prefer 8ft or 10ft wide panels which can be up to 27ft high. Sloping headers and other non-standard shapes are readily accommodated by our software.

We manufacture to very high tolerances, typically +0 – 1/8.” All panels are quality-tested before shipping and we label and bar-code every panel for quality control and easy identification.

Our panels are FAR quicker to install than traditional on-site stick framing and can produce substantial cost-savings in total construction costs and schedule compression.

Roof Trusses

We are a licensee of Trusteel® Roof Trusses which are manufactured in our Rohnert Park factory to meet the unique design requirements of each project.

Smart Panels

We welcome the opportunity to add value to our steel panels by adding sheathing in the factory. This provides additional stability for the panels during transit and can further increase the speed of erection. In some cases, we are able to eliminate the need for scaffolding by applying sheathing in the factory, with further substantial cost savings.

Beyond sheathing, we are able to offer to install windows, waterproofing and exterior finishes through our in-house alliance with M4 Homes.

Rapid Deployment Structures

We focus on providing the most durable, safest and sustainable steel structure shelters for emergency housing. Our staff has experience providing shelters both domestically and internationally, including providing emergency housing for the earthquake survivors in Kobe, Japan in 1994.

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Keywords: Framing, Gauge Steel, Light Gauge Steel