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By: Coaching Designs International  09-12-2011
Keywords: professional development, Mentoring

Would you like to …
  • Ensure the development of talented employees for long-term succession and to support company growth and innovation?
  • Enable top performing employees to progress to challenging roles and projects within a relatively short period of time?
  • Enable recently-formed or growing teams to integrate new members easily and work to maximum efficiency?

The employee development strategy in many organizations includes hiring entry-level high-potential candidates and training them in-house. CDI can customize a professional development program that aligns with your organization's performance goals. We support you in accelerating the development of your high potential candidates by identifying their core strengths, and then focusing on the values that motivate them to action. This enables them to evolve in a manner that is natural and authentic by:

  • Increasing self-awareness so they can focus their energies on leading others, and become leaders who inspire their teams to action
  • Developing the skills and the confidence to assume a leadership role


We believe that mentoring is a powerful and effective strategy to support the accelerated development of high potential candidates.

We can create a mentoring program as a component of the Accelerated Development Program. In this program, the mentors are trained to:

  • Increase their ability to help mentees identify their development goals.
  • Understand the value for mentees in exploring their challenges and developing their own solutions, and the role the mentor plays in creating an environment that supports this experiential growth. 
  • Identify the mentee’s values and needs and the role they play in motivation and personal/professional development.
  • Use mentoring skills in informal one-on-one interactions as well as more formal interactions such as professional development plans, post project reviews, etc.
  • Increase their skills in giving feedback, thereby leveraging new learning and demonstrated skills.
  • Practice the six key mentoring skills - Listening, Creating Awareness, Acknowledgment, Asking Questions, Getting into Action, Accountability. 
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Keywords: Mentoring, professional development

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