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By: Coach Isabelle  09-12-2011


We’re surrounded by it. The daily news, Hollywood, cheesy and far-from-reality-shows…Oh, and that doesn’t even include family drama, which tends to account for the bigger chunk of our drama pie.

It’s no surprise, consequently, that when I attempt to create change in my life (food choices, starting an exercise routine, re-organising my space, etc.), I often get off to a strong procrastinating start, thinking “I just don’t have the time, money, energy (fill in the drama-related blank) to deal with the struggle of changing”.

It implies that change is boring, tedious…Not fun.

So, why can’t change be fun? Wouldn’t that ensure a stronger commitment on our part? Fun and enjoyment are, in fact, what change psychologists coin with successful change.

Try asking yourself this question:

How can I turn (fill-in-the-blank goal), which I’ve been resisting, into something fun and playful?

Rewards can make a task fun.

Can you turn a research project into a game show?

Is it enticing to intersperse a de-cluttering session with 30-second “good riddance” dances?

What are some of your ideas (Don’t be shy to to comment below)?

How can you apply this to a project or task you’re working on now?

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