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By: Cmi Concord  09-12-2011
Keywords: health care, mediation, joint venture

CMI Concord mediates among multiple parties, helping them resolve complex disputes and/or capitalize on extraordinary opportunities. When mediating, we work impartially on behalf of all parties, not as partisan advisors to one party. Our role is to guide the parties through an efficient and effective process that advances their joint and individual objectives. Throughout the process the parties retain exclusive authority to make their own decisions. We help the parties establish an effective working relationship; understand all the stakeholders, interests, and important patterns of communication involved; assess the best options available to resolve the situation together; and apply external standards to ensure that any agreement is fair and defensible. We encourage all parties to continue using legal counsel and other appropriate advisors.  We also encourage them to develop the best possible alternative solutions that meet their individual interests in order to determine if agreement in mediation is their wisest course of action. Each party retains full discretion to accept or reject the results and may terminate the mediation at any time after consultation with us.

Much of CMI Concord's mediation work also is confidential. The following general examples illustrate past engagements. We have mediated or facilitated

  • merger, acquisition and joint venture negotiations among major health care insurers and providers.
  • the involuntary merger of multiple disparate hospital systems as ordered by a ministry of health.
  • labor contracts, internal factional conflicts, and working relationships within educational institutions, religious communities, and corporate executive teams.
  • unprecedented collaboration among religious and educational institutions, trade association members and economic alliance partners.

Keywords: health care, joint venture, Joint Venture Negotiations, mediation,

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Frequently, clients seek our help on interdependent systems of transactions and relationships in commercial, regulatory, religious, or diplomatic communities that are shaped by numerous negotiations over time. Prepared boards and senior executives of insurance and healthcare companies for merger and joint venture negotiations and participated in negotiating specific transactions.