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By: Cmi Concord  09-12-2011
Keywords: joint venture, Joint Venture Negotiations

CMI Concord helps clients with specific negotiations as advisors, coaches, and negotiators. Our work may involve a particular transaction and individual relationship. Frequently, clients seek our help on interdependent systems of transactions and relationships in commercial, regulatory, religious, or diplomatic communities that are shaped by numerous negotiations over time. We help clients clarify their aspirations, formulate their goals, and then design and execute a negotiation strategy that will advance their interests as effectively as possible. Our engagements have included joint ventures and alliances, mergers and acquisitions, litigation settlement, internal restructuring, conflict management, transformation of key relationships and governance processes, and strategic planning. We plan our services with our client in each setting to meet the particular needs of that client.

Although our clients request that our advisory work remain confidential, the following general examples illustrate the type of engagements on which CMI Concord has worked. We have

  • prepared boards and senior executives of insurance and healthcare companies for merger and joint venture negotiations and participated in negotiating specific transactions.
  • helped CEOs, their executive teams and their boards of directors resolve internal disputes, improve their governance and administration, and formulate a strategic plan.
  • advised senior HMO executives on their negotiations with providers.
  • We advised plaintiffs' counsel on settlement of class action toxic tort litigation.
  • prepared cabinet level government and opposition party negotiating teams for negotiation of their national constitution.
  • Helped a government, as part of a diplomatic mission, design its strategy for negotiating a private contract to develop the country's natural resources.

Keywords: joint venture, Joint Venture Negotiations

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We also encourage them to develop the best possible alternative solutions that meet their individual interests in order to determine if agreement in mediation is their wisest course of action. Labor contracts, internal factional conflicts, and working relationships within educational institutions, religious communities, and corporate executive teams.


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Jointly trained labor and management leaders of institutions in sessions that often receive strong endorsement from union, political, civic, business and educational leaders. A multimedia CD developed with Accenture and the Learning Sciences Corporation and distributed by Harvard Business School Publishing. To satisfy these needs, CMI Concord creates award-winning videos, interactive computer software, and written materials.